Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hoppel Poppel

by Deb Baker/Hannah Reed
In Wisconsin, we don't eat to live. We live to eat. That's why we are part of the "breadbasket" of America and also considered the supreme dairy state. German's settled here bringing beer, sauerkraut, and sausage. We love our brats (no, those aren't naughty children, they are sausages). My favorite German breakfast is called hoppel poppel.

Hoppel poppel is a fried hodgepodge of ingredients, but it always has to include potatoes and eggs. Other than those two staples, anything goes.

Start with a little oil in a large pan, add chunks of potatoes (I like to steam them a little first, otherwise it's a while before I can toss in the rest).

When the potatoes are coming along, add chopped onions (any kind), mushrooms, herbs, corned beef, sausage, whatever. Use your imagination, have fun.

Why not throw in cubes of sturdy bread, which will come out crunchy and flavorful, sort of  like French toast?

After all that is nice and brown, add eggs (three or four or more) and scramble them.
And because we are the dairy state, finish your creation with shredded cheese over the top.
Take it off the burner, cover, and let that wonderful  Wisconsin cheese melt over the whole mess.

What a way to start the day!
What about you? What's your favorite breakfast indulgent? Have you had hoppel poppel?

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