Sunday, August 7, 2011

Had I But Known ...

by Leann
As reported earlier by this blogger, I welcomed a kitten into my home about a month ago. With one of my senior cats already gone, the decision was not about replacing my beloved Indigo, but about preparing for the future. I have two other senior cats and they both have health issues. If they were both to pass on one after the other in the near future, I knew I would be dealing with serious depression. My cats are my friends and since I am alone most of the time, important and well-loved companions indeed.

Wexford is now 3 1/2 months old and what new life he has brought to this house. Today, even my diabetic cat, who has had a serious kidney infection for nearly 3 months, was playing! WOW. It is hard to ignore a whirling dervish who doesn't care if you swat at him or hiss. He just keeps trying to engage with all the animals. Today, Agatha Christie finally caved. The toys are fun after all!

There is also a change in me. I smile more. I laugh more. My heart doesn't hurt as much for the loss of my Indigo, my health and the fact that I cannot write as fast as I used to. I'm still not thrilled about all that, but what a great distraction a kitten is. And this one is so loving and sweet and smart and fun. Since the first night he arrived, he has curled up with me at bedtime and stayed until morning. The other cats don't seem to mind, either. That was a big surprise. He's just such a force of nature, my Wexford. Even Rosie is figuring out how to play with a cat--though that's coming along a little slower. She's rather rambunctious and the kitten is still reticent. Wise, I'd say. Had I but known what a good decision this was, I might have brought a kitten home sooner.

How about you? Have you made any decisions that you pondered, worried over and in the end, they turned out to be exactly the right thing to do?
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