Friday, August 5, 2011

Family TV Time

By Heather Webber

When I was little, I loved watching prime-time TV with my family. Shows like Family Ties and the Cosby Show (the Monopoly money lesson episode is still my favorite) and Who’s the Boss.

I miss those days.

Because these days there’s hardly anything to watch as a family, which I think is a real shame. TV watching is much easier now that my kids are older, but there are still things that make me uncomfortable shown on the screen (some of those adult situations—yikes!).

That being said, there are some shows we gather round to watch. Jeopardy! for one. Yes, we love this show—especially when we get the answers right. Though it’s not my favorite show, the kids and Mr. W hardly ever miss Dragon Ball Z Kai – an animated show on Nick Too. We’ve recently tuned into Modern Family, which we find hysterical even in those moments it makes me uncomfortable. My daughter and I watch a lot of home shows, cooking shows, animal shows, and Project Runway. The guys watch a lot of sports. But it’s not the same as those old-fashioned sitcoms...

What shows does your family watch? Any recommendations?


Aimee said...

Sadly, we do not have any sitcoms we watch as a family.

I screen Glee episodes and usually only let the Doll watch about half of anything shown - mostly the musical numbers.

We do watch Eureka together. It's on SyFy and is usually not racy or too scary. (The Doll tends to be a rather cautious child.)

The rest of the time it's Travel, Discovery and TLC for educational programming.

Reality shows? I cannot even imagine how exhausting it would be explaining all that bad behavior and emotional stress.

We all do love us some Phineas and Ferb so while it's not The Cosby Show it is a nice family time. :)

Lynda said...

Actually, I gave up my TV service almost 10 years ago. It started out as a money-saving measure and I realized that I could do so much more if I wasn't watching TV - for instance, I read a whole lot more now. I still have a TV set to watch movies occasionally, tho.

However, that said, when I did have my TV service, I loved to watch Animal Planet (miss Steve Irwin), History Channel, the home improvement shows (like Trading Spaces), some of the cooking shows (liked Iron Chef), TLC, and some of the oldies - like on Nick at Night.

I'm dating myself here, but I remember when we had only 3 channels and only so many programs to choose from. I think at that time, they gave shows more of a chance to see if they would be popular. Now, there's so much competition that a show might only go a couple of weeks and then be gone before you have a chance to get to know the characters. I don't think they have a chance to get the same kind of following that the old shows did.

Andrea C. said...

My hubby and I were just talking about this too. I watched the same shows you mentioned as a kid but the majority of tv I watch these days are reality tv (Project Runway, Top Chef, So You Think You Can Dance). Of the few regular shows I watch they are more hour long dramas. The only "family" show I watch is Modern Family and it isn't exactly wholesome! We must sound like old farts (like my parents did when they talked about Lassie and Rin Tin Tin!)

Heather Blake Webber said...

Aimee, Glee is definitely one of those uncomfortable shows! LOL. Have you been watching the Glee Project? Baby Girl and I love that show!

Lynda, my daughter cried when Steve Irwin died--she adored his show (and him!). We still watch reruns. I can't imagine not having a TV--I might go into withdrawals!

LOL, Andrea! And we walked uphill two miles in the snow to school everyday too... Ha!

Aurian said...

Ooo I do remember watching series like the Cosby Show, Family Ties, and Who's the boss. How about Webster? Married with Children? Why did they stop making shows like this?
I hardly watch any tv, sometimes some NCIS or Numbers, but most of my free time is spend reading or blogging.

Vickie said...

As a family, we don't really agree 3 for 3. It's generally 2 of 3 watching something together.

The main ones I can think of are:

Only in America with Larry the Cable Guy on History Channel

Dirty Jobs on Discovery Channel

How the States Got Their Shapes on History Channel



Linda McDonald said...

My hubby and I will tv occasionally together, though he loves the science channel (Wormhole!) and I would much rather watch something on the animal planet or for some laughs, Judge Judy!

Kristin A. said...

There are only a few shows that my hubby and I watch and one you definitely have to try out with your family is The Middle. It is hilarious! Even more so than Modern Family, which I also enjoy, and without the "uncomfortable" moments. Seriously. Give it a shot. Another one I enjoy and your family might, too, is 30 Rock. Definitely an occasional crude moment, but super funny. And the only other one we watch is Community. A really good one that doesn't get the attention it deserves. Yep...those are the only shows I watch: The Middle, Modern Family, 30 Rock and Community.

Heather Blake Webber said...

Okay, will give The Middle a try! We'll be down to one kid in the house soon (sob!) so TV watching might get a bit easier...

ev said...

NCIS, Bones, Big Bang Theory, Chuck. Eureka.

ev said...

As for comedies. The Middle and Modern Family. Both close to home!

Sarita said...

Not at all big on tv here. Watch the weather channel and Jeopardy! though.