Friday, August 5, 2011

Family TV Time

By Heather Webber

When I was little, I loved watching prime-time TV with my family. Shows like Family Ties and the Cosby Show (the Monopoly money lesson episode is still my favorite) and Who’s the Boss.

I miss those days.

Because these days there’s hardly anything to watch as a family, which I think is a real shame. TV watching is much easier now that my kids are older, but there are still things that make me uncomfortable shown on the screen (some of those adult situations—yikes!).

That being said, there are some shows we gather round to watch. Jeopardy! for one. Yes, we love this show—especially when we get the answers right. Though it’s not my favorite show, the kids and Mr. W hardly ever miss Dragon Ball Z Kai – an animated show on Nick Too. We’ve recently tuned into Modern Family, which we find hysterical even in those moments it makes me uncomfortable. My daughter and I watch a lot of home shows, cooking shows, animal shows, and Project Runway. The guys watch a lot of sports. But it’s not the same as those old-fashioned sitcoms...

What shows does your family watch? Any recommendations?
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