Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Cat Show ... People and Objects

by Leann

This weekend I had the great good fortune to have a two day signing at the Houston Charity Cat Show along with my good friend Miranda James aka Jimmie Ruth Evans aka Dean James. I met so many wonderful readers and cat lovers. The kind people at Murder by the Book brought our books to sell, as well as many other cozy titles that either have a cat theme or a cat on the cover. I was very heartened to see so many people still in love with books made of paper. They are friendly, nice and passionate about reading.

The cats and kittens were wonderful to see--so precious, so gorgeous and such a variety. As a writer, I must say I loved the opportunity to also "people watch" as much as "cat watch." I saw a woman in a gorgeous dress--obviously custom made as it fit her figure like a glove. She really caught my eye and only after a second look did I realize the fabric had cats all over it. Her companion wore a vest made from cat-covered fabric, too. Dean and I also saw a very unusual looking man with what I can only describe as "big hair." Like Liberace hair, as Dean so succinctly pointed out. Liberace hair and a deep fake tan made me wonder if this guy had just escaped from a Vegas magic show. Some of the other clothing I must keep to myself because I plan to describe some of these outfits in future books--most probably worn by Lydia Monk. If you know my books, you kind of get the picture.

At shows like this, there are many different vendors. Homemade jewelry is everywhere. T-shirts and cat toys, too. Caps complete with kitty ears, as well. The amazing amount of cat jungle gyms sold had us all wondering if the guy selling the carpet covered contraptions would retire to a tropical island by Monday. Then there was the vendor right across from where Dean and I were signing. Cat clothes. Lots and lots of cat clothes. My cats would never stand for frilly outfits, but apparently there are many cats who apparently don't mind at all. The only problem was the stuffed red cat used to "model" one of the outfits. The vendor set it on top of a stand so it was at my eye level. All I can say is ... creepy. Very creepy.

How about you? Ever been to a cat show? Or to a similar event where you might just see the unexpected?

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