Sunday, August 14, 2011

Anybody Know a Good Rain Dance?

I have lived in Texas for more years than I care to count. (We all stop counting after a certain age, don't we?) Though we had a serious heat wave in 1980, I don't recall the drought being as horrendous as what we are experiencing now. Not only that, we are now in our 13th consecutive day of over 100 degree temperatures. In other words, if you go outside, it's like walking into hell.

For the first time ever, our water bill nearly exceeded our mortgage payment. Here, near sea level, we don't have basements, so if you do not water your foundation regularly during droughts, you risk serious foundation problems--like the kind where the doors will no longer close properly and there are cracks in the wall. Fixing that damage costs serious bucks. Plus, if your lawn dies, you have to re-sod. That's more expensive than any water bill. Unfortunately, the more everyone waters, the more we risk shortages. Livestock are being sold off because ranchers can no longer afford to water them. I've been through two hurricanes and half a dozen tropical weather events, but I have never been through the opposite--praying for rain. Just a sprinkle please, Mother Nature.

Situations like this, where humans have no control, bring back all sorts of childhood issues and create a good deal of anxiety for me. As a child, we all have little control. But as the child of an alcoholic that lack of control is magnified and leaves plenty of issues that usually remain in the dark recesses of my mind. That discomfort may seem disconnected to a drought, but for me, not so. I am nervous, so nervous I've had a stomachache for two weeks. Maybe, if I ask all of you to send a message to the universe that we desperately need rain here in Texas--for the farmers, the ranchers and the neurotics like me--it will help.

Thank you. You may now return to your regularly scheduled programming--which I hope includes NORMAL and almost predictable weather! :-)


Unknown said...

Hey, Leann...I can relate. Here in North Texas (DFW) we actually got just a tad of the wet stuff this morning. Just enough to wet the sidewalks a little, but not enough to soak the grass good. We went 41 days without rain until today!! It starts all over tomorrow with a high of 106 expected! So yes, please all of a rain dance, pray for rain..anything to end this heatwave!

Danielle said...

I live just south of Houston and we have cracks in the ground you could lose a small child in. Take heart Leann. As fustrating as it is, it can't stay this way forever. Its funny how recently we are hoping for a small Tropical Depression just so we can get a significant amount of rain.

Anonymous said...

Usually what works for me is to wash the bedding, wash the outside windows and spray the weeds. And guaranteed RAIN!

Aurian said...

What a horrible news Leann, I sure wish I could send some of our Dutch rain your way. It has been raining her almost daily for two months now, so the schoolvacation for the little children is pretty ruined. I have heard stories of collegues whose vacation to guaranteed sunny destinations in France or Greece or Italy have been bad as well. All the weather is seriously disturbed.

But I will wish for our rain to go to Texas fast!

Sue said...

I'd send you some, but it breaks up before it gets to us. We've had rain but no where near enough and just last week finally broke out of the opressive humidity and heat. Of course school starts Wednesday so I'm sure it will get hot again. I imagine we'll have a super cold winter this year and skip right over fall. That seems to happen a lot here in Iowa. I'll do a "rain" dance for you but if you end up getting hail or snow instead, remember I don't know how to dance.

Dru said...

If I can send this rain storm we're having right now your way, I would. I hoping Texas gets some rain soon.

Leann Sweeney said...

Thank you and I am sorry for all who are having too much or not enough. It's like Goldilocks porridge--we need something "just right." If you don't know how to dance, pretend!! Mother Nature won't care. (Right, Mom? You love your children, so show us!!)

Nancy said...

Indeed, I hope you get rain in Texas! It never occurred to me that drought could cause problems with the house foundations. We've had draughts here in Michigan, but nothing as severe as you tell about. We had some rain during the night. If I could nudge a few of those clouds your way I would.

Heather Blake Webber said...

Just right would be really nice. It's been a strange, strange weather year. Hopefully, everyone in a drought situation will get some relief soon.

Rita B said...

Hang in there girl!! Just remember whose in control. And when HE deems it time to rain it will. You have to have confidence the the Good Lord knows what he is doing. That's hard to come by sometimes I know. Just remember ... Worrying is like rocking in a rocking gives you something to do but it gets you no where!! Send big hugs and positive thots your way. RitaB

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Vickie said...

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Barbara said...

I have a friend in Austin who has been suffering the heat and drought too. She is a prisoner of air conditioning and would happily do a rain dance if she knew one. Meanwhile we're having a wet summer and have plenty to send, but I don't know how.

Vicki said...

Leann, lots of prayers for rain for you and all my family in Texas, Houston and south. Also for you to have some better peace of mind. I am the child of a child of two parents with severe emotional problems who would react with violence in almost every situation. Both my grandparents are still with us but as one has mellowed and repaired some of the relationship, one has sadly gotten worse and more hurtful to everyone. No the damage never leaves you no matter your age. Lots of good thoughts coming your way!!!!!!