Sunday, August 14, 2011

Anybody Know a Good Rain Dance?

I have lived in Texas for more years than I care to count. (We all stop counting after a certain age, don't we?) Though we had a serious heat wave in 1980, I don't recall the drought being as horrendous as what we are experiencing now. Not only that, we are now in our 13th consecutive day of over 100 degree temperatures. In other words, if you go outside, it's like walking into hell.

For the first time ever, our water bill nearly exceeded our mortgage payment. Here, near sea level, we don't have basements, so if you do not water your foundation regularly during droughts, you risk serious foundation problems--like the kind where the doors will no longer close properly and there are cracks in the wall. Fixing that damage costs serious bucks. Plus, if your lawn dies, you have to re-sod. That's more expensive than any water bill. Unfortunately, the more everyone waters, the more we risk shortages. Livestock are being sold off because ranchers can no longer afford to water them. I've been through two hurricanes and half a dozen tropical weather events, but I have never been through the opposite--praying for rain. Just a sprinkle please, Mother Nature.

Situations like this, where humans have no control, bring back all sorts of childhood issues and create a good deal of anxiety for me. As a child, we all have little control. But as the child of an alcoholic that lack of control is magnified and leaves plenty of issues that usually remain in the dark recesses of my mind. That discomfort may seem disconnected to a drought, but for me, not so. I am nervous, so nervous I've had a stomachache for two weeks. Maybe, if I ask all of you to send a message to the universe that we desperately need rain here in Texas--for the farmers, the ranchers and the neurotics like me--it will help.

Thank you. You may now return to your regularly scheduled programming--which I hope includes NORMAL and almost predictable weather! :-)
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