Sunday, July 10, 2011

Why a Series in South Carolina?

by Leann

Ever wonder why I have a series set on a lake in South Carolina when I've lived in Texas most of my adult life? After all, my Yellow Rose mysteries are built around what I know of the area where I live. The answer is simple. I want to live in South Carolina on a lake. We bought property in South Carolina on a lake years ago. I thought we had a plan.

Circumstances changed. The stock market plummeted. My husband, who had retired from one job, decided he really didn't like being retired and signed on with another company. Here. In a place far from my children and my friends. I didn't like it, but Mr. Sweeney enjoys his job. Who am I to stand in the way of that? I, after all, work for peanuts to live my dream of writing books.

But illness is a big eye opener. We will not live forever. My husband, always so healthy, got a taste of what I have been going through for years. He got sick. Big time sick. Thank goodness he is well after major surgery. He is even back to work full time. Now, however, reality has set in. the clock is ticking. Come this fall, my daughter and sister will arrive to help with the first big sort and purge in this house. I am grateful for this offer since I tire so easily and just the thought of this task is exhausting. We will be tossing out or giving away many things and that will be both difficult and exciting. It is another passage in life's journey.

In October or November, my husband I will take the first load of items that can be stored to a place near our property in South Carolina. We have friends there to help unload, friends who have been urging us to get on with our move for several years. It is step one and just that thought alone makes me smile. We still will have a long way to go. Fixing up our twenty year old home, more packing and purging, but I now know we will be moving on. It's no longer an "if," it's a "when." That feels so nice.

How about you? What's your future look like? Are you planning anything big in your future?
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