Thursday, July 28, 2011

Send Me a Hero (And Make Sure He's Fortysomething)

By Ellery Adams
I saw the new Captain America movie over the weekend and thought it was okay. In general, I enjoy action movies and find them the perfect mental get-away from stress. But the latest big action films featuring young, beefcake superheroes were unimpressive.

In analyzing what fell short, I discovered that the leading men weren't my kind of hero. Yes, these guys are hot, but they're also as three-dimensional as a flapjack. They're good-looking comic book characters and we aretalking about an action movie, so what do I want?

Researching other action heroes made me realize that I might have a tad bit of age discrimination. I'd trade in huge pecs
for a lined face, swagger for a sharp wit, and thick, wavy hair for salt-and-pepper locks or a receding hairline.

In other words, Robert Downey Jr. is a much more appealing super hero than Chris Evans (he of the big pecs . See photo). Forget the Thor guy. If I'm going to be rescued from a castle tower, then I'll take Clive Owen as my knight in shining armor.

Apparently, hot fortysomethings are taking Hollywood by storm. Most of the 2012 action films featuring comic book heroes are older men. We've got Christian Bale as Batman, Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk, and more.

And for those who think older men shouldn't be action movie stars, I've got two words for you: Sean Connery.

So here's to the older heroes. They're a little smarter, a little more weathered, and far more interesting than a calendar boy.

Who's your favorite "older" leading man?
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