Saturday, July 16, 2011

Lizzie II

By Lorna Barrett / Lorraine Bartlett / L.L. Bartlett

NOT the real Lizzie.
When my niece was a little girl, she had a bald Cabbage Patch doll named Lizzie.  Good Lord--the sun rose and set on that little doll. (It was one of the newborn dolls who looked similar to this one pictured on the right.)  Once, while on vacation, Lizzie got left behind.  Chaos ensued!!!  My brother had to pay a fortune to have Lizzie Fed-X'd back to make a little girl happy once again. (He said, "That was Lizzie's first and LAST vacation.")

Lizzie started out with a tuft of hair on the top of her head.  It didn't last.  Lizzie had to be (professionally) repaired a number of times.  But that only proved how well loved she was.

Fast forward and my brother is now a Grandpa.  And he's been looking for a Lizzie look-alike for about a year now for his little granddaughter.

Mr. L and I are devoted weekend yard sale warriors.  We've come across a number of "still-in-the-box" Cabbage Patch kids, but the sellers wanted the moon for them and we hadn't run across any "newborn" dolls.

Last weekend I came across a Cabbage Patch (bald) baby at a yard sale.  They were asking $8.  I looked at the doll (who appeared to be fairly well-loved and quite dirty) and called my brother.  He wasn't home.  I emailed him later in the day and said I didn't think she was worth $8 but I might go back the next day and see if they'd take $5.

They did.

Lizzie II Hanging Out to Dry
So Lizzie II came home with me.  I washed her head with (uncut) dish soap and it came pretty clean.  But her body was just filthy.  As it happens, I wrote a blog about Oxiclean a few weeks ago.  (See it here.)  And when I opened the new tub of it, it came with a coupon for their gel spot cleaner.  I bought it and tested it on Lizzie II.  Darned if that doll didn't come out clean as a whistle.  (Truth in advertising, though, I did put her through the wash cycle twice, because it was hard to see where I'd slathered her in gel the first time.)

Lizzie II is now sparkling clean and with her new Mom, The Zoaster (long for Zoe).  Will she love Lizzie II as much as her Mom loved Lizzie I?  That's doubtful. As they say, lightening doesn't often strike twice, but I'm hoping that Lizzie II has a happy new (and clean) life.  She deserves it.

Lizzie II ready to go to her new Mom.
Did you--or one of your kids--have a beloved doll?  (Mine was a soft baby doll with white hair and I named her Candy.  I still have her.)


Anonymous said...

I had a beloved doll when I was a kid. She's about an inch or two high and her name is "Baby". Creative huh? Well, Baby has been through everything with me. And I do mean everything. I lost her at a yard sale once and my mom had to go back for her. She's been steralized and gone through surgeries with me. She's looking rather dirty after 40 years.

Thanks for the tip about Oxyclean gel spot cleaner and uncut dish soap. (Not sure what that is exactly). I will have to try them on my cabbage patch dolls. The one has blue spots all over his poor face!

Dru said...

I loved my Skipper doll (Barbie's little sister).

Linda said...

I'm 64 & still have the Saucy Suzie doll Santa brought me for Christmas in 1952. She was the popular doll that year because she "walked." She's a bit worse for the wear but for her age she's in pretty good shape!

Heather Blake Webber said...

I had a doll named Wendy that I adored. I cried and cried when I lost her. :(

Love Lizzie II -- great story!

Diane P said...

My kids did have Cabbage Patch dolls but our youngest had a beloved stuffed golden lab puppy. "Mutsy" went to Disneyland, Disney World, Canada, and back to New England. We said he was one of the best traveled pets. Santa even brought him a jacket that he had to wear on the planes. He got so bedraggled and there wasn't any way to clean him up. I did try getting another but it wasn't the same. <3

Lover of Books said...

I had a doll who would cry if you turned her upside down. Her name was thumbilina though she is not small. She stopped crying when I took her swimming with me in the kiddie pool. She had to have her arm fixed.

Katreader said...

I never liked dolls, but stuffed animals were a different story. I had a ton...and still do. When I was little I had a Winnie the Pooh that I took everywhere. When I was in 8th grade I got a plush raccoon named Rob when I was on vacation in Philadelphia. That raccoon has gone everywhere with me-and he still sleeps in my bed! I still buy plushies that call to me as well. I also have a handmade plus rat, Amelia Ratkins. She's traveled the world. She's semi retired, but I now have her brother who travels. They have a blog and Amelia's on Facebook! I may be 43-but I still love stuffed animals!

Lelia said...

Yes, our daughter had a Cabbage Patch doll, too. It was a favourite of hers. We, too, had to take it to the doll hospital for repairs.

I purchased a few from yard sales and the older CP dolls cleaned up nicely. the fun was getting the yarn hair back into the pony tails!

I'm a fossil, and Raggedy Ann was my fav. I enjoyed the books, too.

Enjoyed your post. Always, L.

Linda McDonald said...

Ah...Lizzie II is so cute! I'm glad you cleaned her up and I'm sure she will have a happy life with the Zoaster. :) As for me, it wasn't a doll that I loved as a child, but rather my owl stuffed animals. I loved the owls and I still have my two favorites: Red Beak Owl and Snowy Owl. They are very old now, but I'll never get rid of them.

roseygirl said...

I still have my Thumberlina Doll I think her pic is on my Purls 'N' Lace Blog :)

Chaplain Jan said...

I was never much into dolls (I'd much rather read!), but my son was given a "Freddy Bear" when he was born & Freddy has been a part of his life ever since. (He's 33 now.) The only place Freddy hasn't gone with him was to Marine boot camp! Somehow I can't see Freddy surviving that experience! ;-)

susan miller said...

My daughter Shannon got a cabbage patch preemie for her 3rd birthday. When Shannon adopted her she already had a name. Kitty Katinka. She brought her every where. She was once lost for a few weeks but Shannon's brother found her in the garage.Kitty Katinka even went off to college for 4 years. She is now back home sleeping on Shannon's bed.She has since lost the original clothes but has many other outfits.

Aurian said...

That is fun! I had a stuffed cat, and my mom had to make it a new tail once. It is still in my attic.

Jody said...

I still have my Maria doll. She started life as a toddler doll that I got for Christmas. I always treated her as a teenage or grownup doll. She does have shoulder length dark hair. Her "mama" speaking part broke in the early day. My mother made grownup clothes for her: a nurse's uniform, a dressy black dress, a winter coat with a fur collar, etc. I took her on pretend dates as if she were a Barbie though she had no Ken. I'm not sure where I got the name Maria, but she's been Maria as long as I can remember. Right now she's in a box in the attic with her clothes, but we had her out for a while just a few years ago. I played with her far more than I played with my soft baby doll that I also had for years.
I was really more of a paper doll person, but loved my Maria.