Saturday, July 30, 2011

Curling Up With A Good Book

by Lorna Barrett / Lorraine Bartlett / L.L. Bartlett

If you read my personal blog yesterday (and you can find it here), you know that I'm feeling a teensy bit burned out.  But work must go on.  So yesterday I tackled a scene in the new book.  Actually, I tackled two of the SAME scene.  I've been writing the book out of sequence and wrote this scene twice.  Oy!  The newer version was definitely the better of the two, but the original scene had juicy stuff in it that needed to go into the newer version.  The manuscript ended up losing words, though.  I tackled the next scene, adding another 307 words, to the manuscript and that was it for the day.

I needed a time out.

As it was raining and gloomy (and boy did we need that rain, so I'm not complaining), I decided I needed to take the rest of the day off.  What did I do?  I sat down in my favorite chair and hauled out my current read.  (The Fixer Upper by Mary Kay Andrews.  I am SUCH a sucker for DIY--and MKA does it very well indeed.)

I read for over an hour until I felt drowsy and then I took a nap.  In the middle of the day!  With the rain beating against the windows and soft "Guitar Moods" playing (on repeat) in the background.

Ahhhhhhh ... bliss.

Of course I feel guilty right now.  The deadline for that book is now a day nearer and I am only 307 words closer to the end . . . but I needed that downtime.  Hopefully when I jump back into the WIP I'll feel a bit fresher, ready with new and better ideas.

How about you?  Have you had to take a day off lately?
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