Sunday, July 24, 2011

Can the British Parliament Please Step In?

by Leann

I don't write political blogs. I don't want to. Just consider this a rant, because I comment on our world or my life, for whatever it's worth. This week I noted how Rupert Murdoch got smacked down by one person after another as he was forced to sit in the British Parliament and explain his company's illegal, unethical behavior. Let me tell you, it was great. I loved it.

Then I started thinking how wonderful it would be if we could do something similar here. Make the congressional leaders from both parties, along with the executive leaders, the president included, sit down and listen to US. US as in U.S. No tea party-ers or far left wingers invited. Just US. We may not get through--okay, I doubt we'd get through--but I'd love to hear them suffer just a taste of what Rupert Murdoch got. Straight forward chastisement.

I'm frustrated that as I near retirement, I am worrying everyday about all the money I have responsibly set aside for my golden years. I do not trust any of those bozos in Washington to take care of me and the millions of people like me. That is a sad state of affairs for a country that is supposed to have a participatory democracy. These guys and ladies, IMHO, are taking care of their political futures first and the rest of us, well, not FIRST as it should be. (Though I am sure there are a few exceptions whose voices are not being heard.)

Shame on you, politicians. Congress shouldn't be a working place where you figuratively hold up your protest signs. If I'd EVER done that when I worked my day job, I would have been fired on the spot. No waiting for 2012. On the spot. Leave the building. My guess is, after all this nonsense, the attitude a year from now will be "throw the rascals out." We may have to sit biting our fingernails right now, but those fingers will busy at the voting booth. Unfortunately, congress, you've made sure your pensions will be safe. Mine? Thanks to you, I'm not so sure about mine.

How many of you think congress deserves a pie in the face, just like Murdoch got?
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