Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Where I Get My Ideas

by Deb Baker/Hannah Reed

Readers always ask where we get our ideas. Some of us say we get them from reading newspapers, finding real life stories and crafting them into new stories. Some of us don't have a clue. That was me for a long time. I couldn't answer the question. Then it happened. I knew!

Where do I get my ideas?

In the shower, that's where.
And driving in the car.
And first thing in the morning before I get up.

I thought it was only me, until I attended a romance panel and one of the panelists said the exact same thing. All three same things. Not one place, or two, but all three.

Wow! You mean it isn't only me?

I've been know to run through the house dripping well and, yes, naked, searching for pen and paper to write down my thoughts before I lose them.

You might see me pulled over to the side of the road, scribbling in a notebook. My husband bought me a recorder, but it never seems to be next to me when I need it. Caution: do NOT write while driving.

The bed muse is new. That's because I was a get-up-and-make-breakfast mom for a long time. I didn't have the luxury of a few extra minutes in bed. Now I do, and, oh boy, do the ideas flow.

So give it a try. Slowly wake up, let your mind roam. Take a longer shower, see what happens. And in the car, leave the music off. You might be surprised at what happens.
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