Monday, June 6, 2011

The Right Brain Method

By Kate Collins

I wanted to share with you my new project – teaching a creative writing class to women victims of domestic violence. I started two weeks ago and have had a lot of positive feedback already. My goal is to get them out of their left brain thinking, awaken their imaginations, tap into their creativity, and let them script new images of, and roles for, themselves.

Truthfully, I’m doing this as much for my sake as for theirs. As a former teacher, I’ve always loved helping others learn; I feel passionately about fiction writing; I’m finding new purpose in my life; and it’s a way to honor my husband’s memory. In his long career as a lawyer, he was a strong women’s advocate.

I started with simple right brain exercises and will slowly move them toward story writing. Today I plan to have them do some sketching, such as to draw an object upside down, and to design their private room of peace and happiness, wall by wall. The women are responding eagerly and even loved their homework assignment.

I’m crossing my fingers that their enthusiasm and interest stay strong. If you have any tips or advice, please send them my way. This is a brand new experience for all of us and I really want it to turn out well.

Have a great week.

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