Thursday, June 23, 2011

Recipe For a Perfect Summer

By Ellery Adams

I love summer and have been looking forward to it since…well, since February. I am not a winter person and though I love to watch the snow fall and to cozy up to a book near a toasty fire, I’d rather sit in my garden and watch fireflies dance.

Thinking about my love of summer a little more, I realize that I feel younger at heart when the sun is shining. Summer reminds me of a carefree childhood, the feel of sand between my toes, and the sight of sailboats heading out to the open water.

How can an adult recapture that feeling of a childhood summer? I think we should come up with a recipe. Here are a few items I think we need to add:

1. Chew a piece of gum and blow a big, loud bubble

2. Paint your toenails a crazy color (not pink or red – orange or silver or blue!)

3. Buy a pinwheel

4. Eat a Popsicle bought from the ice cream truck

5. Light a sparkler

6. Bite into a juicy piece of watermelon and then spit the seed as far as you can

7. Wear flip-flops.

8. Decorate your car for 4th of July

9. Fly a kite

10. Hunt for seashells (and if you’re no wear near the shore, ask someone to mail you one)

11. Read a book in a hammock, chaise lounge, or Adirondack chair

12. Drink through a silly straw

13. Run through a sprinkler

14. Make a daisy chain

15. Add to your freckle collection

That’s what I’ve got so far! What else do we need to have a perfect summer?


Sarita said...

All such great suggestions! I especially love the running through the sprinkler...although flying a kite has always been a real favorite, too.

Thanks for the smiles this post brought!

Anonymous said...

Your post really made me think about and miss the summers I had growing up. To your list, I'd add:

Go for a drive in the country with your windows down.

Walk everywhere you can. I used to have a friend in school I'd hang out with, and most places we went, we walked instead of having my mom drive us. When I got older, I had another friend who couldn't drive that I'd do the same with. Well, I rode in my wheelchair, but they walked. It didn't matter how long it took us to get to our destination.

Go to a matinee. I used to love to go to movies in the afternoon.

Shell peas or husk corn and take the kernels off the cob. You might get blisters, but it's fun. Doing string beans and strawberries is fun, too. And do it on the front porch if you can.

Window shop. I love going down town to do just that. I've been trying to get my mom to do that with me again for years. She says she will, but never does.

Stay out at night and count the stars/look for the big and little dipper.

Roast marshmallows

Catch bugs.

And last but not least...don't laugh. It's a simple thing. Make a cold meat sandwich in the morning for lunch and put it in the fridge. Then take it out to eat it at lunchtime. Honestly, there is just something about a cold sandwich that is just yummy.

I wish I could say go deer spotting at night, but I think that is illegal now.

Dru said...

Play street games like tag or red light, green light

Play handball

Sitting in a bistro al fresco

Lying on the grass counting the stars

Rolling down a grassy hill

Running through the park with your dogs

Playing frisbee

Sue said...

Going horseback riding through the creek with a picnic lunch and having a picnic in the woods

Making homemade peach ice cream in the evening

Picking fresh veggies/fruit from Grannie's garden and sneaking a few tastes along the way back to the house

Making peach pit jewelery after eating that sweet Georgia peach

Dancing in a cool summer rain

Kristin A. said...

Love all these ideas. I've got a pen and paper and jotting them down. Not only for my kids, but for me, too! FirstOfMay, I totally agree with your sandwich one - it is so true! Here's a few more:

Get cotton candy at the county fair

Go for a ride on a tire swing

Have a water balloon fight

Make s'mores

Play hopscotch

Have the balloon artist at the farmer's market make you something silly

Snag one of the flyers at the library for the children's summer reading program for yourself and reward yourself at the end of the summer for filling it up!

Splash in the pool

* Here is to a carefree summer! *

signlady217 said...

Read more books.

Snuggle a sweet baby.

Make and drink homemade lemonade.

Watch or play a evening pick-up baseball game.

Linda McDonald said...

Get ice cream from the ice cream truck when it comes through the neighborhood.

Eat on the outdoor patios at restaurants.

Swim a lot!

Liz V. said...

Noticed in store yesterday you can buy bag of lollipop size cotton candy.

Michelle Fidler said...

I need air conditioning in the summer. Go see a summer movie (a/c included). Eat ice cream. Go to a beach or pool. I'm a summer person, too, and my birthday is the first day of summer.

Aurian said...

Wow, you all have great suggestions. I just want to read, be it summer or winter.

Chaplain Jan said...

Eating the first fried green tomatoes of the season. And the sweet corn. And the peaches. And the ripe tomatoes. I think I'm seeing a pattern here...

Catching lighting bugs in a jar with holes in the lid for air - then letting them go before you have to go inside.

Going to the park & swinging as high as you can.

Ellery Adams said...

WOw, my list just got so much longer! You are a creative, energetic, and fun group (but I knew that already!)

Annette said...

Go on vacation to someplace totally different from where you live.
Stay up late, no school in the morning.
Meet friends for lunch at least once a week.
Eat lots and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.