Tuesday, June 14, 2011

On the Road Again---Chicago area

Yes, I'm on the road again, folks. I'm presently staying with dear friends in Lake Barrington, Illinois (suburb of Chicago) in a beautiful area where the lovely homes are nestled in the midst of trees and gardens and wide sweeps of rolling grassy spaces. Just lovely. And a real blissful retreat for me since I've just spent the past two weeks skimping on sleep so I could finish revising the next Kelly Flynn mystery while also promoting the latest release, UNRAVELED, which came out last week, June 7th.

Good news! I just heard today that UNRAVELED was the #4 Bestselling Barnes & Noble Hardcover Mystery! I'm always humbled and gratified by the reader response to the Kelly Flynn Mysteries. Thank you, thank you, Readers. And thank you for loving Kelly Flynn and her fellow characters as much as I do.

Tonight, I had a chance to do something I simply love: be a guest speaker at an area library. Tonight, I appeared at the Wauconda Public Library in Wauconda, IL, and I had a great time. I absolutely LOVE speaking at libraries. Librarians are some of my favorite people and I will show up whenever I can to speak at their events. What fun. I also signed books afterwards, and a devoted reader actually brought me a mug he'd made w/pictures plus an adorable knitted squirrel. I've named the fuzzy one, Brazen Squirrel, after the squirrel of the same name in the Kelly Flynn books who gives Kelly's dog Carl fits. Carl tries his best to outrun Brazen, but Brazen Squirrel outsmarts Big Dog time and again. Hey. . .when you're little, you have to think fast and run faster. . .if you want to survive.

So, now I'm back at the Lake Barrington house, ready to post this blog and head to bed. The guest bedroom looks out on that luscious green sweep of grass sloping up to the hillside and this huge old barn, remnant of what was once a farming past for this land. Now, the deteriorating-but-picturesque weather-beaten barn is simply lovely to look at. I think it's beautiful. And peaceful in its silent presence. No more farm animals inside. The only living creatures are mice and the bats that fly out at night to consume as many mosquitoes as possible. Go, bats! Eat those mosquitoes before they eat me!

I find that barn so lovely and peaceful to look at, that I raise my shade at night so the huge barn literally fills my window. I open the window itself so that I can hear the night sounds. Love to hear those night creatures. I fall asleep with the full moon reflecting off that grey-white presence, shining in the moonlight. Bats swooping through the skies, silent hunters. Nightsounds singing me to sleep.

And it's the first thing I see in the morning. Sweet dreams, everyone. Good night, Moon. And good night. . .from Maggie.
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