Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Home Again

by Maggie Sefton

Back home in Colorado at last! I love traveling and meeting new people, seeing new places. But I have to admit, I also love coming home to Colorado. Just stepping off the airplane and smelling that clean, crisp Colorado air makes me feel good. This trip was a fast-paced fifteen days filled with book events for my latest release, UNRAVELED, guest speaker appearances, and several days of family gatherings and celebrations. Lots of fun, but relaxing, it wasn't. So, I plan to slow down a little these next few days.

Of course, all of us have to continue to work, no matter what our occupation. Writers are no different. However, I did take time to "smell the roses." My roses. When I left June 12th, all my rose bushes were filled with buds, waiting to burst into bloom. Normally, my roses would have already bloomed by now. But this last spring was cooler than usual and rainy, which slowed the blooms' arrival. However, when I drove into my driveway on the evening of my return, all my bushes were filled with their beautiful colorful blossoms---greeting me. What a treat.

I also plan to treat myself by driving into the Cache La Poudre Canyon on the northwest edge of the city and check on the river. Our snowpack from last winter was measured at 364% of normal, so the Cache La Poudre River is running high and fast. White water. I've been checking on the river since I returned as it rushes through Fort Collins. But I want some quiet time alone with the river. So, I'm going to drive up into the canyon in a couple of days and sit on a rock beneath the trees beside the river---just sit and watch the river as it splashes over rocks and rushes past. Peaceful. Relaxing.

It's good to be home. How do you relax when you return home?
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