Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Cupcakes!

by Leann

May and June are jam-packed with celebrations in my family. My sister's birthday, my son and daughter-in-law's anniversary, Mother's Day, my birthday, my anniversary and Father's Day. This year, because my husband had to have major surgery, all the celebrations got a little lost. There were lots of flowers, yes, but we were naturally preoccupied. Then my precious cat died. That was the loss that mattered most, that and a big anniversary sort of passed over.

But this past Thursday, my daughter came to visit and we had a little family meeting about what we expected from this wonderful visit. Mostly we just want to enjoy each other's company, but for my husband Father's Day, he wants his favorite banana bread. It's a recipe I've used for decades and I can make it without eggs and it comes out beautiful and delicious (I'm allergic to eggs). We'll have banana bread after a nice dinner out. He's well enough to get out now and that's cause for celebration in itself.

What did I want for my missed birthday? Cake! Since my kids have left home and have families of their own far from Texas, we rarely celebrate much of anything like anniversaries or birthdays. Plus, cake made without eggs isn't always easy. Kind of falls apart. My daughter has been experimenting with vegan cooking, though, and vegans do not use eggs. So she grabbed her ipad, found a recipe and tweaked it, deciding that cupcakes would probably hold together better than a layer cake. She got busy and wow! did those cupcakes turn out beautiful and de-lish! Made me feel very special, too, Have a look see!

Anyone done anything special for you lately? Just a cupcake can make a day wonderful!
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