Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Fat-Free Diet Really Works!

By Lorna Barrett / Lorraine Bartlett / L.L. Bartlett

Three weeks ago today, Mr. L said, "I have a stomachache."

This is significant because Mr. L NEVER gets sick.  Of course, as someone with frequent heartburn, I kind of brushed this off.  That is until he said, "I think I need to go to the ER."

That sure changed my Saturday night plans.

We were relieved to learn it was gall bladder trouble.  (Well, I was) Also, that it would take only out-patient surgery and time to "fix" this problem.  The thing is ... we've got a LOT of our plates right now (and I won't go into all that), but it's really not convenient to schedule the surgery until at least July.  Meanwhile, we're on a virtually fat-free diet.

I've been "dieting" (sort of semi-Weight Watchers) since February. It's coming off a LOT slower than I wanted. When Mr. L was forced to change his eating habits I'd lost 13.5 pounds.

Two weeks into the diet, Mr. L had lost 14 pounds.

Hmmm.  Four months vs. two weeks.

A week later, I am down 16.5 pounds.  Mr L is down 17.  (Why is it men can lose weight SO much easier than women?)  Still, I ain't getting into my goal jeans just yet.  I figure we've got at least another month to go before the surgery happens, and then adding fat to our diets will slowly start once again.  (Frozen custard is on the top of my list.)

We haven't figured out many fat-free dinner options.  For three weeks we've eaten lean pork tenderloin, skinless baked chicken, pasta, and broiled fish.  Over and over again. It's getting pretty boring.

Anybody got any ideas for a virtually fat-free dinner that tastes good?  Please--I'm hungry!

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signlady217 said...

No help here with recipes; sorry.

Glad your husband is managing ok. A couple of years back I had a friend who ended up having emergency gall bladder surgery because hers was so bad; very, very unexpected. I stayed up at the hospital with her all three nights (and most of the daytime) and then stayed with her the day she went home. Her hubby had to work and just couldn't get off except for the actual day the surgery was done. Scary stuff. But she's been doing great ever since. And we still have fun teasing her about those crazy leg-squeezy things that go on and off to keep circulation going better in the lower legs; had to "unplug" her every time she got up! Too funny!

Georgette said...

So I can totally relate to the "boring" aspect of the weight loss. On Medifast, I have lost 13 llbs in 6 weeks, but it has forced me to be creative in preparing my foods. Marinating /broiling with low fat dressing,fish on the grill 2x a week, as well as grilled veggies. The thing is I found that my penchant for everything that might kill me or clog my vital organs has slowly started to wane(like even when I have an occasional cheat-its not as good as it use to be).Also 4 of my meals are re-constituted from pkgs. Have you tried probiotics(I know I am sounding like a broken record on this one-but ever since I started taking a 15-35 formula- no more heartburn, and I suffered for over a decade). Its a slow road this weight loss but you are already seeing results, so be strong, stay the course, don't think about what foods you are missing at the moment. Hang in there, and maybe Mr. L has a different metabolism than you but not by much.Georgette

Min said...

I don't have any supper ideas (other than salads, which can also get boring quickly), but I do have a dessert for you. I'm in a hurry b/c my day is packed, so here's a link from when I blogged about it:

And, as someone who has had two bouts of idiopathic pancreatitis, your husband has my sympathy.

Good luck!

Chaplain Jan said...

I don't have any recipes for you (my dietary restrictions are much different), but try the website. If you put "fat free" into their recipe search, there are close to 5,000 results. Many of then are "low fat" instead of "fat free" but maybe you can adapt those that look promising.

FYI, women are programmed to hold onto fat - something to do with pregnancy & childbirth - so we just do not lose weight as quickly or easily as men (sigh).

I am (somewhat) patiently waiting on delivery of your new book. Love the series!

Blessings to both of you.

Debra said...

I am in your boat except it's low-fat, low-glyemic-index for me. I found a book at the library and tried a couple of recipes. I bought the book and am only cooking from it. It's easier than trying to come up with a recipe before every meal.

Cindy D said...

Have you thought about vegetarian recipes?

Vickie said...

First of all, GOOD ON YA!! Both of you! Poor DH with the gall bladder issues, though.

And I was told that women lose weight more slowly because of that whole needing the padding for baby still is very unfair.

We do fat free for the most part, lean cuts of meat, grilled veggies. There is butter on the baked potato, but I like baked yams now and those don't need anything...supremely umby-gumby.
One of my favorites is kabab night. Cubes of lean chicken breast or sirloin, red, orange, yellow peppers, mushrooms, red onions....spray with olive oil and sprinkle on some spices and throw them on the grill. Grilled shrimp that way is good stuff, too.

Sarita said...

Summertime, so it's all about the fresh veggies for me. I'm a vegetarian so I go for pasta or rice with grilled,roasted, parmed, get it. I take whatever comes in from the garden and turn it into dinner. Apparently it's very healthy, according to my doc. Not intentional, just a by-product!

Hope you find some interesting recipes. Maybe you'll share them with us--I love trying new things.

Sandie Herron said...

Congratulations on the joint weight loss. My husband is the same way; it's just disgusting! I can't offer any specific recipes, just know that the "normal" rules are sort of out the window right now.

What I wanted to seriously warn you about tho is that one thing that cointributes to gallstones is rapid weight loss.

I was on Jenny Craig and slowly plodding along when I threw it all out the window and we went for a pizza dinner. The next day I was still in agony over the gallstone stuck in my duct. The ultrasound tech in the ER must have been masochistic because it hurt like hell.

Surgery now done by scope is not nearly as bad as it used to be. But, the fact that you don't have a long incision doesn't mean the same damage isn't done inside. The gall bladder is sort of peeled off the liver before it can even be removed.

Just a little bit of what I learned several years ago when I haad my gall bladder removed.

Oh, will they do an ERCP first?? That when they do an endoscopy and pass thru the stomach so they can clear out all the slush blocking the ducts that will remain following surgery. It's pretty important that they do this. If not already planned, you may want to ask if it's appropriate for your hubby.

I'm sure things will go well. Just tell him that the first time he sits up after surgery is a real killer.