Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Fat-Free Diet Really Works!

By Lorna Barrett / Lorraine Bartlett / L.L. Bartlett

Three weeks ago today, Mr. L said, "I have a stomachache."

This is significant because Mr. L NEVER gets sick.  Of course, as someone with frequent heartburn, I kind of brushed this off.  That is until he said, "I think I need to go to the ER."

That sure changed my Saturday night plans.

We were relieved to learn it was gall bladder trouble.  (Well, I was) Also, that it would take only out-patient surgery and time to "fix" this problem.  The thing is ... we've got a LOT of our plates right now (and I won't go into all that), but it's really not convenient to schedule the surgery until at least July.  Meanwhile, we're on a virtually fat-free diet.

I've been "dieting" (sort of semi-Weight Watchers) since February. It's coming off a LOT slower than I wanted. When Mr. L was forced to change his eating habits I'd lost 13.5 pounds.

Two weeks into the diet, Mr. L had lost 14 pounds.

Hmmm.  Four months vs. two weeks.

A week later, I am down 16.5 pounds.  Mr L is down 17.  (Why is it men can lose weight SO much easier than women?)  Still, I ain't getting into my goal jeans just yet.  I figure we've got at least another month to go before the surgery happens, and then adding fat to our diets will slowly start once again.  (Frozen custard is on the top of my list.)

We haven't figured out many fat-free dinner options.  For three weeks we've eaten lean pork tenderloin, skinless baked chicken, pasta, and broiled fish.  Over and over again. It's getting pretty boring.

Anybody got any ideas for a virtually fat-free dinner that tastes good?  Please--I'm hungry!

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