Tuesday, June 21, 2011


by Maggie Sefton

Wow. . .I am way past excited. Last week, I shared the Barnes & Noble great news about the latest Kelly Flynn release, UNRAVELED. Now. . .I have even more good news. Great news, actually. So, at the risk of being boring or braggy. . .bear with me. I simply can't help sharing:

UNRAVELED was the New York Times #34 Bestselling Fiction Hardcover! That's ALL fiction, not just mystery. Believe me, I am humbled and awed by that. Those books are a little over $25 each, and this is a recession/depression. That simply blows me away.

Why am I trumpeting it from the rooftops? Well, the obvious, of course. But there's another reason. That statistic is just one more indication of the vast popularity of cozy amateur sleuth mysteries. Our readership is huge. And, that makes me. . .and all the rest of my mystery novelist colleagues. . .very, very proud.

Thank you, thank you, Readers! You have done this, and I am overwhelmed and awed by your fantastic response to the Kelly Flynn mysteries. Kelly and the Gang thank you, too. :)
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