Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Dog Days Are NOT Over

by LeannLink

I keep hearing that song by Florence and the Machine, "The Dog Days Are Over" and have been trying to reconcile the words with what I know about "dog days." So far, I don't understand Florence, though I still enjoy the song. What I know is that the dog days of summer are usually in July and August, when the weather is worse than awful in Texas. Here we include September as probably the worst dog days of all. From what I recall, this term has to do with the dog star and its position in the sky. Could be wrong.

The thing I remember well about the dog days is swimming! I grew up in western NY and not until July was it really warm enough to swim. We had an above ground pool and spent many many hours outdoors. No sunscreen, of course. Just hours and hours outdoors that left me with plenty of freckles. I never enjoyed the sun that much, but I loved swimming, even though when I learned at the Y, the instructor wouldn't pass me because I couldn't swim the length of the pool as fast as the other kids. "Hey," I wanted to say. "I'm not planning on trying out for the Olympics."

Now it's my granddaughter's turn to learn to swim and I wish I could be there to watch. No one came with me for the swim lessons. I just walked to the Y by myself. It was free. There was plenty of free stuff in those days. But I did get a treat today--some pictures of her learning how not to drown. What about you? What's your favorite part of the "dog days" that are about to start?

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