Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Where the Wild Things Grow

by Deb/Hannah

Mind Your Own Beeswax hit the shelves yesterday. Book 2 in the Queen Bee series. I should have been out promoting - driving to bookstores, signing stock, setting up events. All that will happen, but it didn't get done yesterday. You'll never guess what I did instead.

Long ago, I learned how important the natural world is to my psychic balance. Give me some quiet time in the woods and I'm rejuvenated. Especially if I'm on a quest. Growing up in the Michigan Upper Peninsula where living off the land was part of the experience, my family hunted the forests, pastures, and streams. We weren't hunting live game (okay, maybe some of us were). Depending on the time of year, we were out to find strawberries, blueberries, or raspberries. Berry picking was big. Grandma would give me a coffee can & send me out to fill it. While the bees buzzed, I filled my can (and my mouth).

There's something truly magical about being in the woods alone.

So yesterday I catered to the inner me by wandering through the woods behind my house. It's too early for berries. Too early for just about everything. This year I'm on a mission to find ramps (wild leeks). I've heard they grow in my area. And that they are a cross between a very pungent garlic clove & an onion. You know you've found one after you taste the leaf part. If you taste garlic, that's it. Then you dig up the bulb part, trot home with your treasure, and never tell anybody where they grow.

Yesterday, I tasted a few leaves. Not them. One was really nasty. I wonder what it was.

Those are ramps in the picture above. Not my picture. Not my ramps. But I didn't get published by 'bee'ing a quitter.

BTW, today I'm visiting bookstores. What a life!
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