Friday, May 6, 2011

Tucked In

By Heather Webber/ Heather Blake

It seems like over the past week (at the Malice Domestic conference and the Festival of Mystery) that I had a lot of conversations about sleep. Not how much we all were missing (and we were), but about how we sleep.

Some sleep with feet stuck out from under the blankets; some with blankets over their heads; some with a pillow wedged against their side.

Me? I do something I call “cocooning.” I basically have blankets pulled up to my nose and a pillow over my head. Usually looks like I’m in a cocoon. If I get really hot, the feet usually pop out. It’s quite the picture, I’m sure.

I also have to have a blanket—always. Even in the summer. If it’s really hot, hot, hot just a sheet, but there has to be some sort of covering. Not sure why, but if I don’t do it (even in hotels—I usually travel with my own blanket so I’m not skeeved out!), I’m just not going to get a good night’s sleep.

Is there a particular way you sleep?
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