Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Season Finale(s)

This is the time of year when television dramas and action-adventure shows schedule their final episodes for the season. Conventional wisdom is to leave the audience hanging, breathlessly waiting for the next season to see "what happens next." Or. . .at the very least, tune in to check out the characters again.

As I've mentioned before, I've found several series that interested me enough to keep following throughout this season, and I have to admit. . .their season finales did not disappoint. My favorites:

"FRINGE" -- for those of us who miss LOST, producer/director J.J. Abrams brought us something quirky and more cerebral. . .and without Arctic polar bears appearing in tropical jungles. This series introduced us to parallel universes with the exact same "persons" living in different worlds, albeit the same cities/countries/planet. The finale took me by surprise (another of Abrams' trademarks) when a central character suddenly disappeared while the "doubles" from the parallel universes confronted each other in one scientist's lab. I wonder how Abrams will deal with that next year.

"V" -- Early season finale, but the evil female invader has surpassed herself. I missed the original movie and remake of this old sci-fi script, so it's all new to me. Wonder what Anna (Bad Anna) has planned for the humans next year.

"THE EVENT" has its finale next week, but the stakes have been raised pretty darn high. Nothing less than annihilation of most of the human race is eminent. This must be the year of Evil Female Leading Characters, because Sophia could go toe-to-toe with Anna. Sophia would feel guilty afterwards, Anna wouldn't. We'll have to wait until next week for more clues.

"DETROIT 187" -- This is probably my favorite of non-scifi/fantasy shows. Depth of characterization and plotline is excellent. And the actors chosen for their roles are excellent and new to me. Love discovering new talent. A very touching season finale with . . .dare I say it? Hope for the future.

"NIKITA" -- This is my fave for action-adventure in real time, right now, today. Black ops and guns and scheming Machiavellian rogue director. Once again, excellent actors bring a reality to this fast-paced action drama, but they don't skimp on characterization. Can't wait to see what Nikita protege Alex will get up to now that she's gone "off the grid."

"BLUE BLOODS" -- Last week's finale was a good one, tying up the intriguing subplot and threat of the Blue Templars in the NYC police force. Again, excellent acting helps all around.

Your thoughts? Do you watch these programs? Any ideas for next season?
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