Monday, May 30, 2011

A Memorial Day

by Kate Collins

Today I'd like to use this space as a tribute to loved ones who are no longer with us. If you'd like to add your special names to my list, please do. I'd appreciate it.

In memory of my beloved husband. I miss you, dear heart.
In memory of my mother and father.
In memory of my sweet cats, who were like children to me.


Princess Barb said...

In memory of my infant daughter, I wish I could hold you in my arms...
In memory of my grandmother, I miss your understanding and friendship, as well as your laughter and love
In memory of my dog Mindy.... my best friend

Janet Spaeth said...

For my husband: I miss you every day, without fail. Your heart stopped, mine broke, and I don't know that anything will put it back together again.

For my parents: I wish I could pick up the phone and call you and just hear your voices again.

For my cats: Each of you loved with a unique and special warmth. I miss you.

Linda Leszczuk said...

For my mum-in-law, who left us last October and for my own dear Mom, who left us five years ago.
How I miss you.

Danielle said...

In memory of those who have lost their lives in services to our country to protect us and keep us free.

In memory of my grandparents who I wish I knew more about.

In memory of my Tinkerbell. It's been 7 months but still hear you snoring, smell your stinky dog breath and see you in the corner of my eye when I walk into a room.

Tiger said...

In memory of my grandparents who left the earth too soon, and who I wish I knew more about.

In memory of the first year college student who was killed two weeks before her birthday by her boyfriend when I was a senior in college.

In memory of the two high school girls in the neighboring village who were abducted from their own homes and brutally murdered.

Bonnie said...

In memory of my beloved husband who became my guardian angel in the early AM of May 4th, 2011. I hope you are fishing with my Dad.

Dru said...

In memory of my Uncle John, who served this country well.

In memory of my great-grandmother who I still miss even though she's been gone for years.

Sarita said...

In memory of my husband Vito. I miss you every minute of every day, darling.

Anonymous said...

In memory of the dearest sweetest person, my Granda Miller, who has the been the person who loved me most in my life.

Kristi said...

In memory of my grandfather, who I think of every time my hands go in the soil.

In memory of my uncle, who loved his country, even when he could no longer serve it.

I love you guys.

Barbara said...

In memory of my mother and my mother-in-law, both of whom I miss terribly. And my Aunt Vera who never failed to make me laugh.

Anonymous said...

In memory of my Mom, who left us last year on this day. I wrote a letter to you today, Mom.

In memory of my Dad, who left us 18 months before Mom. I know you two are watching over us now. I miss you both.

signlady217 said...

In memory of my cousin's son, who served and was lost in Iraq.

In memory of my maternal grandma, who loved me unconditionally, and had not just a green thumb but 10 green fingers.

In memory of Sheba, Schnitzel, and Ginger. We miss your purrs and barks.

Lover of Books said...

In memory of my grandma ruth and my grandpa merlin who served and died 2 weeks and a day after her.

In memory of my beloved cat siamese named Sushi. I still miss your purrs. As well as my hamster Miss Bliss who filled my heart full of love for a short while.


Linda McDonald said...

In memory of my nephew Jake who was killed in Iraq in 2004.

I memory of my dad who died of cancer in 1997.

In memory of my college boyfriend who died of cancer at 20 years old.

Andrea C. said...

In honor of my cousin T.J. who died serving in our military.

In honor of my Aunt Char - I have more of you in me than I care to admit! :)

In honor of my beloved Siberian Husky, Oliver. You will always be my first "baby" and I think of you every day!

Katreader said...

In memory of Aunt Bert, Grandpa and Grandma-remembering all the happy times.

In memory of all the animals whose lives have graced mine-most especially Barrett, Brioche, Bandit and the three who died way too young-Baron, Dylan, and Aquinas. You're never far from my thoughts.

Fiona L. Woods said...

In memory of my mother who passed over three years ago and went to be with my dad;
In memory of my father-in-law who passed in October of last year and went to be with my mother-in-law;
In memory of my son who passed in December of last year, say "Hi," to your grandma and grandpa.

It's a sadder place here without you all.

Vickie said...

For my sweet, ornery Grandma Violet. She raised me and made me who I am today. I know she's still with me in spirit.

Jan said...

In memory of my oldest sister, who I miss a lot!

In memory of our mother, of whom I have so few memories.