Monday, May 16, 2011

Indiana: A Police State?

by Kate Collins

Picture those old movies of the Gestapo kicking in house doors or knocking them down with battering rams and rounding up the frightened people inside. Well, hello, Hitler! Welcome to Indiana, where we now have a law that says the police do not need anything more than suspicion to break down your door and search your home.

I'm simply appalled. Can this be a reality in the "land of the free, home of the brave?" Apparently, the Indiana Supreme Court thinks so. They just turned down an attempt to stop the law from going through. I'm terrified, too,that Gov. Mitch Daniels thinks it's a grand idea. (And he may run for President.)

Can you imagine what our forefathers would have to say? Isn't this exactly what they wrote the Constitution to guard against? A police state?

I understand that sometimes time is of the essence when the cops are trying to raid drug dealing dens. I really do get that. However, one of the reporters on my local radio station, who has been on many ride-along raids with the police force, said we would be shocked at the number of wrong addresses the cops had been given. And what happens when they mistakenly barge into your home and turn it to rubble? Nothing. They walk out and leave you to clean up -- and pay for -- the destruction.

The only caveat the Supreme Court mentioned was that it "hoped" the police would get a search warrant. But it's not necessary. (wink,wink).

Does this scare you? Will this law spread to the rest of the country -- or has it already come to your state?

What's next? Book burning?
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