Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Early Announcement. . .and Movies!

by Maggie Sefton

Only one more week until my new release, UNRAVELED, comes out! I know I'm early, but I'm excited! This book is the 9th in the Kelly Flynn Knitting Mystery Series. NINE!! Wow. . .can you believe it? Sometimes I have to pinch myself. I know, I know. . .I'm getting ahead of myself. The book isn't available until next Tuesday, June 7th, but I just thought I'd slip in an "early announcement" at the beginning of my blog today. Next week, I promise to give some hints of what's happening in the next installment of Kelly Flynn's Adventures. So. . .stay tuned, folks!

Now. . .for a quick rundown of some of the movies I've seen recently:

LIMITLESS---I really enjoyed this movie. There's a fascinating "premise" that comes at the start which you find yourself easily accepting: a new "wonder pill" developed that allows the user to access 100% of his/her brain capacity when taken daily. Considering we only use 20% or so of our brains approximately, that's a fascinating concept. And it leads to a fascinating story-- watching a depressed slacker (Brad Cooper) turn into an intellectual wonder boy. But, there's more going on. Check it out.

THE LINCOLN LAWYER---Michael McConaughey has really nailed the "lawyer" role in films. Of course, he's had some pretty good scripts to work with, such as most of John Grisham's thrillers. This one has an intriguing plotline and excellent characters. Smooth-talking lawyer finds himself outsmarted. . .almost.

HANNA---This has got to be one of the best action/adventure flics I've seen lately. It's right up there with SALT. Maybe, better. Mainly because the premise is more unusual and the young girl playing Hanna is SO good. An actress I haven't seen before. The character Hanna is fascinating, and that's an understatement. And the action does not disappoint. The script is inventive and the European locations chosen really contributed to the mystery and suspense. The director didn't resort to "stock" European scenic settings and set-ups. Oh, no. These locations are decidedly different. Definitely deserves an A+ for creativity and execution. And the actors chosen (including Cate Blanchett) are perfect.

BRIDESMAIDS---Okay, you all know I love, love, love the action/adventure flics, but I occasionally do see a "chic flic" or light romantic comedy. I'm kind of picky, though, so not all of today's offerings entice me. Some look too brainless for words. . .like totally! BRIDESMAIDS, however, is a total winner. It is Laugh Out Loud Funny. No kidding. And the actors are perfect for these roles. Kristin Wiig does a fantastic job as the struggling/well-intentioned, but screwed up Maid of Honor. This movie takes Chic Flic where it hasn't gone before. These bridesmaids get in some outrageous scenes, again---Laugh Out Loud Funny. I've heard guys like this movie as much as girls. I'm not surprised. Check it out, folks.

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