Saturday, May 14, 2011

Cupcakes anyone?

By Lorna Barrett / Lorraine Bartlett / LL Bartlett

Drop_Leaf_Table_Walnut Well, what do you know--it's cottage season and I'm going to back there to write a LOT this year, if only because I have so many projects on my place, and it's quiet and I can get a LOT of work done.

The family cottage has always been a work in process.  Something always breaks and needs fixing.  I bought a drop-leaf table for the enclosed porch and two of the legs fell off before I could even get it home.  I have plans for my tiny office (a room 8 x 10 feet, which sounds BIG until you put anything in it) and our kitchen.  (New ceiling and lighting, new sink and faucet.)

But one thing I don't think I can fix this year is my calendar.
Cupcakes-old-fashioned_lg You see, I ALWAYS buy my calendars after Christmas.  I may have to change that rule.  After Christmas, the only reasonably priced (can you say a buck) calendar was tiny.  We're talking 5 1/4" x 5 3/4 inches.  Oh sure, it's cute.  The pictures are all darling cupcakes.  (Ellery knows the BEST bakery for cupcakes not far from her house.  They are to DIE for!)  I figured--okay, it'll have to do.

It's not doing.  (The calendar, not Ellery's cupcakes.)  It's so small, I can't see it from three feet away.

Wah!!  I usually buy my calendars from either Michael's or Barnes & Noble, but they had sold every cute calendar they had BEFORE December 26th.

What do I need a calendar for at the cottage?  To keep track of all the big events that happen in this neck of the woods.  The Strawberry Festival, The big Putneyville community sale, etc.

This year, I'm paying full shot for a very cute calendar--IN SEPTEMBER!

What is it that you regret NOT buying?
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