Friday, May 13, 2011


By Heather Webber/ Heather Blake

I’m declaring it silly confession day here at the Cozy Chicks. And I’m even willing to go first.

My confession? Read on.

You know those Allstate insurance commercials with Dennis Haysbert (best known to me as President Palmer from the TV show 24)? Usually he’s being stoic and sincere when discussing how wonderful Allstate is in the face of an insurance emergency. Car crash. Tornado. Freak acts of nature. That sort of thing. Then the commercial always ends with the same tag line.

I’ve always heard (for years) him saying the tag line as: That’s Allstate, Stan.

Finally, one night I looked at Mr. W and asked who the heck Stan was. Why did they always end the commercials talking to Stan? Is he supposed to be America’s every man? The Average Joe the commercials are appealing to?

Well, after Mr. W stopped laughing, he explained. The tagline is That’s Allstate’s Stand.




Guess it’s time to get my ears checked. (But I swear I still hear Stan.)

Any silly confessions from any of you?


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Barbara said...

That's hilarious. You must be related to my husband. He's the one who instead of saying, "It's a dog eat dog world," says, "It's a doggie doggie world." I have no idea what he thinks that means.

Betsy said...

You mean he's not talking to Stan? That's how I've always heard it too!

Heather Blake Webber said...

LOL, Barbara!

Betsy, we're not alone! I went to Google to double check the motto and there are 1700 hits on "That's Allstate, Stan." Lots of us hear it that way. Whew. ;)

Aimee said...

Oh, Heather! For YEARS I just did not get the double meaning behind the "every kiss begins with Kay" commercial."

Your problem was your ears ... mine my brain. :)

Sandy Jay said...

OMG, now I'm going to hear "Stan" everytime I see that commercial! :(

Dru said...

Aimee, I couldn't figured that tag-line out either.

Kristin A. said...

Confession time - I am a child of the 80s and vividly remember Sir Mix-A-Lots "I like big butts". It came to mind the other day when I was taking my measurements for a new swimming suit (sad) and I belted out this one line I had sang time and time again as a kid. Right as I sang that one particular line I "got it". I won't repeat the line here as that I "get it", I am horrified. Talk about disgusting. As an innocent kid I had no idea what I was really singing and now, well, let's just say I'd like to get this song out of my head ASAP! Looks like some of our misunderstandings are our ears, some are our brains :) and others are our innocence.

Breaunna said...

That is so funny Heather! When I was little my Mom and I used to shop at this store called Venture. It is similar to Target. They used to make a lot of announcements over the speaker in the store. I always thought one of the announcements was "customer needs assistance, Joan 3." One day after hearing many calls for Joan I looked at my mom and said "that Joan lady is really busy." She started laughing and said "no honey, it's Zone 3, as in the area of the store the customer is in that needs help." Well, that explained it!

I completely understand your story about the All State ads. For a while when they first came out I thought that's what he said too.

Tonya Kappes said...

LOL!! I do this all the time with songs. "OH, hush, keep it down now. Sooo soooo scary."
I belt it out and proud! Someone said, "Oh, hush. Keep it down now. VOICES CARRY!"

Kuzlin said...

I thought I was the only one who didn't get that commercial. I also kept wondering who "Stan" was until one day in one of those DUH moments, I realized he was staying "Stand" and then I just felt stupid. Now I know I'm not an idiot - thanks.

Sharon said...

There's a great scene in the movie Bull Durham where the younger baseball player Nuke (played by Tim Robbins) is crooning the song "Try a Little Tenderness" and he mangles the words as "women they sure get woolly..." and the older baseball player Crash (played by Kevin Costner) can't stand it anymore, and explodes: "It's not woolly. Nobody gets woolly. Women get weary. They don't get woolly!" LOL!

Vickie said...

Heather: Thanks for that *snork* laugh!!! DH wanted to know what made me snork (as he calls it) and I read your post and he shouted out a laugh too.

And, Sharon, I love the movie 'Bull Durham', especially that scene.

Linda McDonald said...

That's funny. My silly confession: I love the Sleep Train commercials. I think they are all funny, because you see this lovely location (the lighthouse one has been on a lot lately, and the beach house one), the train goes by, and they say, " A ticket to a better night's sleep" and the train blows it horn really loud. To me, that is just too funny, because the train's loud horn and a better night's sleep just don't match. :)

ev said...

I read a friends facebook post yesterday that said she had gotten new eye glasses.

I read it as a new glass eye.

Yeah. I need glasses.

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather,
This week there was a commercial for a new TV show 'switched at Birth"...It came on while hubby and I were eating dinner...he looked up and said to me"that's kind of an odd name for a TV show..."Switched at Bitch"So its all how ya hear it I guess!!!

Heidi V said...

Laffin...I'm lagging behind on my reading and this gave me a good laugh!