Friday, May 13, 2011


By Heather Webber/ Heather Blake

I’m declaring it silly confession day here at the Cozy Chicks. And I’m even willing to go first.

My confession? Read on.

You know those Allstate insurance commercials with Dennis Haysbert (best known to me as President Palmer from the TV show 24)? Usually he’s being stoic and sincere when discussing how wonderful Allstate is in the face of an insurance emergency. Car crash. Tornado. Freak acts of nature. That sort of thing. Then the commercial always ends with the same tag line.

I’ve always heard (for years) him saying the tag line as: That’s Allstate, Stan.

Finally, one night I looked at Mr. W and asked who the heck Stan was. Why did they always end the commercials talking to Stan? Is he supposed to be America’s every man? The Average Joe the commercials are appealing to?

Well, after Mr. W stopped laughing, he explained. The tagline is That’s Allstate’s Stand.




Guess it’s time to get my ears checked. (But I swear I still hear Stan.)

Any silly confessions from any of you?
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