Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cats in the Garden

By Ellery Adams

Welcome to my garden! It's early days yet, but the blooms are beginning to show.

I love to walk around my garden each evening and plan which empty space I'll fill next. I don't think I'd realized just how many cats I have in my garden until the other night. Around

every corner, a cat seems to be waiting and I have the photo evidence to prove it.

I have this little cat about to
launch on innocent bird tableau just as you enter through
the archway (which will soon be covered with Clematis).

Then, another cat guards the lavender.

My real cats, Pippin and Finnegan are pictured here attacking the catnip plants, love taking this evening stroll with me.

Beneath this gorgeous Knock-Out rosebush is

a memorial cat, bought in memory of our sweet kitty Leo.

By the steps leading to the deck is a rather haughty Art Deco kitty and in the front is a cat I toted all the way back from Egypt.

That's the end of my tour! But I have a feeling I might get another statue for Mother's Day and that means I need to buy new plants. I'd love to put something in at your request and think of one of you every time I take my evening walk.

What's your favorite annual or perennial that requires full sun?
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