Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Where in the World Is Melissa. . .aka Cha Cha?

--or-- Melissa's Big Middle East Tour 2011

Hey, everyone---You may remember my post last month when I talked about my daughter Melissa's plans to visit Egypt, Israel, and Jordan this April---unescorted and on her own, which is Melissa's preferred mode of international travel. Well. . .it's April. . .and Melissa leaves for her trip this Wednesday evening, April 13th.

She's starting a travel blog where she will post daily on her adventures, starting this Thursday, April 14th. The posts should show up around noon or 1:00pm ET, since there's a several hour time difference between that area of the Middle East and the U.S. Here's the link to her blog:


Melissa's a very savvy traveler and always checks the travel blogs and websites for chatter from other travelers who have visited and plan to visit the same cities she will. She's promised me she will meet up with some of these travelers and join together for some sightseeing excursions. She's already learned that the Cairo metro has a train that goes out to the popular tourist destination of Giza.

And, as an example of what a small world it is, she told me today that she visited her older sister Christine in Northern Virginia this past weekend. While there, Christine discovered that one of her next door neighbors had family in Cairo. This lovely woman immediately contacted her relatives who plan to meet Melissa when she arrives in Cairo. Isn't that a wonderful example of hospitality? As a Mother Hen Mom, I'm delighted to hear that Melissa will actually have a "local" contact while in Egypt. It truly is a small world with kind, wonderful people around every corner.

*** Regarding my contest for Appetizers: Results will be posted on next Tuesday's blog post, since I'm still accepting appetizer entries through today, Tuesday, April 12th, until midnight. ***
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