Thursday, April 28, 2011

Read This if You Dare! (You will get the willies)

I was driving my oldest troll to school last week and heard the most unreal tale on the radio.
Because we’d just moved and I’d been giving certain pieces of furniture to Goodwill and the Salvation Army, I was most interested in the disc jockey’s lead in which was, “A second-hand furniture horror story.”
In this case, I can see why he called it a horror story!
You see, a friend have given this woman (we’ll call her Eve just for fun) an oversized chair. The chair was delivered, Eve watched TV in it until bedtime, and then she and her son hit the sack for the night.
In the early hours of the morning, Eve’s son got up to use the bathroom. There, curled up behind the toilet, was a very large SNAKE!
The police were called and Eve and her son repeatedly assured the responding officer that they did not own a snake! When the officer asked them if they’d had any deliveries as of late, Eve realized the snake must have been hidden inside the second-hand chair.

OMG – she or her son sat on that chair all night watching TV with the snake somewhere under the cushion. (Are you creeped out yet?). Her friend indeed owned a large boa constrictor and it had gotten out of its cage and sought warmth by the bathroom’s vent.
So watch out if someone gives you a piece of furniture. There might be more under the cushions than loose change!
What’s the last second-hand item you received and loved or hated?


Linda said...

Incredibly creepy! The last piece of used furniture I brought home was a piano. The second day we had the piano we were sitting at our dining room table & heard a key played on the piano. My first thought--Flitter--it probably had a MOUSE in it from the barn in which it was stored! My husband searched the piano top to bottom & no mouse was found. In fact we found no explanation for the one key being played. Well that was creepy because I've read mysteries of a pianist haunting his piano after he dies and of a ghost playing a piano but those are just fiction--right? So was it a spirit left in the piano or a spirit in our house? I don't want to know!

Harvee, Book Dilettante said...

We got a mouse once with a piece of second hand furniture. Luckily there was only one and they didn't multiply!

Barbara said...

Eeeuuuw! That does give me the willies. Thankfully the only second-hand furniture I've received was from my parents years ago and they were even more afraid of snakes that I am.

dollycas aka Lori said...

OMG, We have been looking for used recliner, think I will go without.

Aurian said...

Oooo did you have to add that picture to the post? I have nightmares about snakes! If I ever buy a "new" secondhand couch, I'll have the vendor check beneath the cussions first!

Gayle Carline said...

How is it that the friend didn't know their snake was missing?

ev said...

Snakes. Ew...... just ew.

I helped a friend deliver a sleeper sofa to her elderly aunt and uncle that had been in her son's apt. Shortly after they found a whole nest of mice in it! Ugh.

Angela - Bookaunt said...

I would have freaked out to find that in my house. The last second hand thing that I can think of that I received - let me see - I do a lot of trading of books - so they are second hand and I love my books, I have also received my cricut for scrapbooking second hand from a friend as she was upgrading. That was very nice of her and I love my cricut.

Linda McDonald said...

I saw the son interviewed on the news. Yep, he was pretty shocked and scared!