Monday, April 25, 2011

Oh, For A Comfy Dress Shoe!

by Kate Collins

I have a mystery writers’ conference coming up soon, and my biggest concern in packing for it is what shoes to take. Silly, isn't that? But I need travel shoes that come off easily at the airport, and casual but nice shoes to go with the outfits for daytime, and a pair of dress shoes for the awards banquet.

And there’s the rub. Literally. Ouch!

It seems that every pair of dress shoes I own are made to be worn for a minimum of an hour, sitting down, not walking the hallways of a hotel, or standing for long periods of time. They hurt, but I wear them anyway, and then I end up with blisters. The question is, why don't I get rid of them?

I have two pairs of black pumps that I haven’t worn in years because they are both half a size too small. I own a pair of white and tan heels that are chic and stylish, but are too high and kill my toes. I have a pair of silver dress heels with a back strap that won't stay on. All three pairs sit in my closet mocking me.

My stepdaughter compares an ill-fitting shoe to a bad relationship with a cute guy. It’s not going to work out, no matter how much you squeeze.

I finally ordered a pair of dance shoes, the kind the women wear on Dancing With The Stars. If they can cavort in them, surely I can walk around for one evening They are strappy and black, with a 2 ½ inch heel, and padded insoles. I'm really crossing my fingers, hoping they work, otherwise, those of you going to Malice Domestic will be able to spot me immediately. I’ll be the one limping bravely down the hallway with a wad of bandages in my fist.

Do you hang on to shoes way too long? Is there a pair in your closet right now that you know you need to donate, but can’t? The sofa is open. Let’s do shoe therapy together.

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