Sunday, April 24, 2011

I've Never Dressed For Success

by Leann

When you are a nurse, clothes don't make the woman. Washable stuff, preferably able to handle really hot water, is the rule. Even when I was a school nurse and did not wear a uniform or scrubs (makes little ones think about SHOTS too much) I had to choose easy to wash clothing or I'd be buying new clothes every week. Kids are messy. Really messy. And they like you to be messy, too.

I haven't been working as a nurse for six years now, but I was glad that I did not need a new wardrobe in the writing field. I've been known to work in my pajamas on more than one occasion. I don't try to make that a regular deal, however. Getting up, getting dressed, going to work are important, even if you work from home.

Next week, I am going to a convention and neither pajamas nor jeans and T-shirts really work. Do to my illness I've lost a good deal of weight (and you DO NOT want to lose weight that way). In other words, the business casual section of my closet (which is actually the dressy section if I'm being truthful) is depleted. But I have been very reluctant to invest in clothes because I am hoping that I will miraculously get well and need all those clothes. I did a little organizing trick where I put all my things after they were washed on the hangers with the curved part of the hanger facing the wrong way. Then, if I wore something and washed it, then the next time, I would hang it the correct way. This is a good technique to see what you are wearing on a regular basis.

Guess what? Most of my hangers were still facing the wrong way after more than a year. These clothes simply don't fit! Shopping is not my favorite pastime, but I needed things for the convention. My shipment from Coldwater Creek's online store arrived this week and I now have pretty shirts and even one skirt (really not a fan of skirts) for the convention. They are a little dressy and actually fit. But I also have two giant trash bags filled with clothes for charity. Perfectly good clothes, but this closet purge is all part of accepting the illness. Not how I wanted to do it, but I will enjoy the fun part of being almost dressed for success.

What about you? Have you cleaned a closet lately? Let go of things you haven't worn in years?
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