Friday, April 22, 2011

April Showers Bring...

By Heather Webber/Heather Blake

It never fails that April showers bring tornado nightmares. At least for me. I can count on them beginning in March and they go all the way through fall. Not every night, but enough for me to think building a storm cellar might be a good idea.

When I lived in Massachusetts, we never had to deal with tornadoes. Just lots of snow. Hurricanes once in a while (but at least those have a lot of warning). Nor’easters. That kind of thing. I’d take all that over tornadoes any day.

We had our first tornado warning the other night. The sirens started blaring around one in the morning. Baby Girl was at a sleepover and actually called home to make sure we heard the sirens and were taking cover (how sweet is that?), and son #2 was also at a sleepover but only called by accident (bum dialed) just before the sirens went off (not so sweet but kind of amusing).

Thankfully, no tornadoes touched down in our county, but there were some to the south and to the north. The devastation of a tornado is truly the stuff of nightmares. Everyone here is safe and sound, and we’re counting ourselves lucky.

I’m really hoping that for the rest of this month, April showers simply bring those May flowers. As for the rest of the storm season...that storm cellar is looking better and better.
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