Saturday, March 26, 2011

Will you help a poor sick pup?

By Lorna Barrett / Lorraine Bartlett

I recently downloaded my first book via Smashwords.  It was a lot easier than I thought it would be.  Download, drop, drag.  Into my Kindle it went.  And it happened to be The Heart of Dog, an anthology of dog stories put together by my friend and fellow author Doranna Durgin.

Antho.beaglam.69.2.SM She's got a sick pup whose medical expenses far exceed her writerly income.  (It's tough enough for authors to scrape up the cash for their own health insurance, let alone pets.  You can read about Connery here.

So Doranna asked a few of her friends to donate short stories about dogs, and all the money earned from the anthology will go to ConneryBeagle's medical care -- and (if more money comes in than needed for him) for the care of other sick dogs.

So if you love dogs (or cats or fish or even porcupines) and you've got an e reader, I hope you'll consider buying The Heart of Dog. You can get it here on Smashwords (for all formats)  It's also available on Nook and on Kindle.

Heart of dog

ConneryBeagle has a lot of personality and is quite a vocal (BAWHSOME) boy.  Not only does he have his on blog (right here), but he also has a Facebook page which you can LIKE (right here).

Why don't you become acquainted with this brave little beagle.  I don't think you'll be sorry.


ConneryBeagle said...

*Big Giant WAGS!* It is totally BAWHSOME of you to help TELL PEOPLE about my book! It would be very good if we could PAY AUNTIE VET. Even if I reallyreallyreallydon'twant any more MEDICINE.

Really. NO MORE.


Aurian said...

You are a very handsome dog Connery! Is your boss a fan of Sean by the way?

I have got a question: will my heart break from some of those stories, or will they make me smile and laugh out lood?

Doranna said...

Connery's mom confesses to being a Bond fan... But mainly, Connery's litter naming theme was "seven," so his registered name had to reflect that. Thus his name is (with the titles): CH MACH Cedar Ridge DoubleOSeven CD RE XF EAC EJC CGC. And of course I called him Connery! 8)

The stories run the gamut. There're a couple that might be sniffly, but never gratuitously. There are also quite a few with humor, and plenty with hope and satisfaction (and maybe a little vicarious Gotcha, which is always nice).

I wouldn't say there's anything on the level of Where the Red Fern Grows, that's for sure. *sobs merely at the memory of same*