Friday, March 4, 2011

What Would You Smuggle?

Awhile back, our local high school stopped selling regular soda in their vending machines. They only carry diet flavors now, vitamin water, and sports drinks like Gatorade. This was done to help kids cut calories and make healthier decisions. (Let’s not discuss how, perhaps, they should have gotten rid of the vending machines altogether.)

More recently, the high school banned salt in the lunchroom. No more little packets of the white stuff to dump on fries or burgers or...anything. All for the same reasons. (Let’s not discuss the quality of the majority of food they serve to begin with.)

But teens are industrious. And sneaky. And some of them, entrepreneurial. I heard from someone who shall remain nameless to protect their identity that a young woman at school has been smuggling in salt packets (taken from local fast food eateries) at lunchtime. And here’s the kicker—she’s selling them at five cents a pop! And it should really be no surprise that she’s selling out of them. (Heck, if I was in that lunchroom, I think I’d buy one—fries with no salt??? Yuck!)
This situation made me think about other things that might be banned. And what I’d be desperate enough to smuggle in if I was eating lunch in that cafeteria everyday. I figure, hygiene-wise, if they stopped using napkins for some eco reason, I’d definitely smuggle in some of those. If they cut chips because of the salt content...I’d smuggle those in, too. Have to have chips with my sandwich. And maybe some chocolate if they banned that... A Ho-Ho or something. 

(And let's not talk about how the high school completely ignored the fact that things always taste better--and are more desirable--when told you can’t have them.)

What would you fear being cut, and in turn smuggle right back in?

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