Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Travels to Ancient Lands

This week I'll be traveling to Santa Fe, New Mexico for a mystery conference, Left Coast Crime. Santa Fe is a beautiful city and a wonderful example of Spanish Colonial architecture in our southwestern United States. Lots of history there. If you've never been, think about going. I was last in Santa Fe in the Fall of 2004, so I'm really looking forward to joining other writer friends and reader friends for several days of enjoying yummy New Mexico cuisine and stunning scenery.

My daughter, Melissa, will be making a trip this April, but she'll be traveling a lot farther. As I've mentioned before, Melissa lives and works in Manhattan, and she usually travels around the time of her birthday in May. She's been to several countries in Europe, Ireland, England, Greece and the isle of Io, Turkey, and Costa Rica, as well as Mexico. This year, Melissa had the opportunity to travel for a bit longer during the month of April. And this time, she chose an entirely different itinerary. She's traveling to the Middle East, specifically Egypt, Israel, and Jordan.

Needless to say, as her mom, I was concerned about this trip even before the explosive events that shook Egypt last month. Melissa had just bought her airline tickets two days before Egypt exploded in revolution. I thought for sure that her travel plans would be cancelled. But, the situation has calmed a great deal, and the intrepid travelers of the world, like Melissa, are on the road again. The US Government has issued a travel warning for Egypt, but not a ban.

Am I concerned? Of course, I am. I'm her mom. And once a mom, always a mom. No matter how old your kids get, you worry. It comes with the "Mom Territory." But---Melissa has always been a savvy traveler, and she's been on many different travel sites and blogs, touching base with other travelers who will be in Egypt, Israel, and Jordan when she is. Since her visit deliberately covers the weeks preceding Easter, I'm fairly certain there will be a LOT of visitors to the Holy Lands. These areas are prime tourist destinations, so that makes me feel a lot better. Tourists are a needed economic resource for every country.

Melissa will also be posting to a blog about her daily travel adventures. That way, all of us in the family can keep track of her whereabouts. And, so can others. Once she's decided which blogsite she will post to, I'll alert all of the Cozy Chicks bloggers and readers to the website address. That way, you can help me (aka Mother Hen) keep track of her wandering chick.
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