Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Sweet Spirit

By Maggie Sefton

As I've mentioned on several occasions, I have four wonderful daughters who are literally scattered around the country. My second oldest, Melissa, lives and works in Manhattan. This past weekend, I received a sad message from her. Her dear sweet cat, Sid, had suddenly become quite ill. Vet visits were not encouraging. A large malignancy was suspected. Sid is seventeen years old. During the weekend he went downhill fast. He'd stopped eating & drinking water, then suddenly his legs gave way. He could no longer stand up. He could no longer move. Melissa rushed him to the vet on Sunday, yesterday, and....well, the decision was made to to keep Sid from suffering. Sid passed peacefully yesterday afternoon.

Melissa has been grieving ever since, understandably. Sid had been with her for seventeen years. A steady, constant companion, Sid was one of the calmest, most loving cats I've ever known. He came into Melissa's life as part of a pair: Sid, a Snowshoe mix and his sister, Nancy, a Himalayan mix. Sid and Nancy were named after members of the '80's rock band the Sex Pistols. Melissa was an "80's" girl.

When Melissa called me with the news, I told her I believed that Sid's wonderful spirit was still with her. I believe our beloved pets' spirits remain with us. They are Love. Pure and undiluted. And they bring us joy.

** Note: This is not an actual photo of Sid, simply the closest I could find on the stock photo website late at night.
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