Friday, March 25, 2011


I’m not one of those spontaneous kinds of people when it comes to big purchases. I can’t walk into a store and plunk down anything over five dollars without a palpitation or two. Anything over a hundred dollars considers days of contemplation.

But last month I found myself making a huge on-the-spot purchase. Hundreds (and hundreds) of dollars. Gulp.

What made me dole out this kind of cash? (And no, it wasn’t bail.)

It was Broadway.

On tour.

Here in Cincinnati, at the Aronoff Center.

I’d been reading the Cincinnati Enquirer online one quiet Sunday morning and saw an article about next year’s shows. I clicked on it and saw that Wicked was coming back (swoon!). I *knew* my daughter and I had to see it again. Then I looked at the other shows coming. Beauty and the Beast. West Side Story. Les Mis (*swoon* <--that swoon is from my daughter—Les Mis is her favorite). We had to see them all. So only one thing made sense. We needed season tickets.
So, I bought them.

We’ll also be seeing Billy Elliot and The Addams Family. I can’t even tell you how excited we are. The first show isn’t until October, though, so we have to be patient, but I have to tell you—I didn’t have a single palpitation.

Have you ever made a huge on-the-spot splurge?



Shel said...

You have NO idea how appropriate this is, Heather. I told you on FB about the flute - even though it was cheaper than a repadding job on my old one, it was still more than I would have paid, but Chris said, "You are getting it!" so I did. What I didn't know was that he had been plotting to sneak my old flute out of the house and get it redone for months, but had never managed it. So when he saw the opportunity for me to have a new one, he jumped on it.
BTW - Chris has applied for a couple of jobs in your neck of the woods...I SWEAR we are NOT stalking you, LOL.

Unknown said...

When it comes to musical theater I can drop lots of $ and be ok with it. I spent way too much several years ago to fly my daughter and I to New York to see the original Broadway cast of Wicked and also saw Hugh Jackman in The Boy from Oz. Memories of a lifetime!

kissablysweet1 said...

I can't splurge like that. *smile* My mind and heart won't let me. I have to have an extremely good reason to buy anything over $5 and there is some doubt if I will actually walk out of the store with it. I'm very very careful with money.

Aimee said...

I am much more likely to splurge for an experience than a 'thing.' Memories such as a weekend birthday trip to see Wicked on Broadway (I used a work bonus so it felt less like a splurge) will stay with my daughter forever. How long will she remember the latest gadget or bicycle? A new TV won't be a topic of conversation for her at my funeral. She will always remember the moment when Elphaba's final note in Defying Gravity ended, still ringing through the Gershwin Theater and the house lights came up and she looked at me to see tears in my eyes too.

That splurge was really the gift of the love of musical theater that I gave her and so very well worth it.

Tonya Kappes said...

OH! I'm soooo jealous! If she ever can't go, you better call me!!! I should've gotten a third with you gals:) I miss it sooo much! My youngest son's teacher in elementary school (she moved three grades with his class, so he had her for three grades) took the entire class to see every single Cincy children's theater performance. Of course I was the room mother! It was so much fun and he still loves going.

Heather Webber said...

Shel, your husband is a keeper! Crossing fingers for his job hunt.

Sally, that's definitely a memory of a lifetime--and worth every cent.

Kissablesweet, usually I'm just like you, but this one time I couldn't resist.

Aimee, love your comment. Just perfect.

That's one of the hardest things, Tonya--buying in advance. I really hope there aren't any conflicts, but if there is, you have a date!

Leanna Ellis said...

How wonderful, Heather! You and your daughter will share some great memories! My daughter and I just saw Les Mis together in London. We'd seen it before but this was spectacular with one of my favorite performers: Simon Bowman! Wow! I spent way too much money on those seats but they were great: 6th row center. Best money spent! We also saw Billy Elliot and you'll love it!

Barbara said...

I buy season tickets every year for Binghamton Univ. basketball (men's and women's both) because we both enjoy it, even though it's a lot of money for us. I used to buy philharmonic season tickets and pops, and would love to have bought tickets for the Broadway series but couldn't. Now basketball is it, but someday maybe I can go back to those other entertainments.

Linda Leszczuk said...

The first time I saw Phantom on Broadway, I bought the ticket from a scalper outside the theater. Twice the face value but I didn't hesitate. We caught the eye of one of NYC's finest (scalping is illegal) and had to take the transaction around the corner. I knew there were bogus tickets floating around so I was a nervous wreck until I was in my seat and the lights went down but it was the best spur of the moment splurg I ever made.

Enjoy your season tickets.

Aurian said...

I love going to musicals, but wait till the end of the season when they are offering cheaper rates. But for other things, I can spend a lot in a few minutes without a qualm about it. Sometimes you just have to spoil yourself, cause no one else will do that. Of course, I have my own salary and am my own boss on how to spend it ;)
I hate shopping for clothes and such, but I can go loose on books (online) and beautiful jewellery and the Nene Thomas statues I collect.

signlady217 said...

I just put Les Mis on my Kindle the other night! I've never actually read the entire thing, just a few excerpts in classes, so I'm looking forward to it.

I spent $20 dollars between yesterday and today on 2 new sleep shirts (dorm style) and I'm feeling slightly guilty about that, since we are getting ready to leave on vacation and I probably shouldn't spend any extra money. But I really needed them to take with me on the vacation, so....! (Other people will be with us, not just hubby and me!)

I try not to do too much damage to the checkbook too often, to try and offset the guilt, but sometimes you just gotta go for it!

Sue said...

I would love to see Les Mis and West Side Story but I doubt they will ever make it to Cedar Rapids Iowa....not much does Hope you enjoy them though My splurge is new books for either my book case or my kindle and believe me I can splurge there :)

Dru said...

The Palm Restaurant - that meal was worth every last cent.

ev said...

I am a concert ho and have been for years. I think nothing of plunking down top dollar for a good seat. My poor daughter has been going to concerts since I was pregnant with her and did her first one at 3 months- Barry Manilow. She still loves him. And with her away on the West Coast I still go alone.

We did an overnight in NYC to see Rock of Ages, with Connie Maroulis and it was a wonderful memory. I even have pics of her and Connie.

My other vice is shoes and purses. Don't even get me going on that.

I should think about season tix to the theater here. Not a bad idea actually.

Anonymous said...

I made a huge, on the spot splurge a few weeks ago. A Kindle! I love it and could not be happier!

Les Mis is coming to New Orleans in September, and I really hope my parents take me and my husband for my birthday!