Friday, March 25, 2011


I’m not one of those spontaneous kinds of people when it comes to big purchases. I can’t walk into a store and plunk down anything over five dollars without a palpitation or two. Anything over a hundred dollars considers days of contemplation.

But last month I found myself making a huge on-the-spot purchase. Hundreds (and hundreds) of dollars. Gulp.

What made me dole out this kind of cash? (And no, it wasn’t bail.)

It was Broadway.

On tour.

Here in Cincinnati, at the Aronoff Center.

I’d been reading the Cincinnati Enquirer online one quiet Sunday morning and saw an article about next year’s shows. I clicked on it and saw that Wicked was coming back (swoon!). I *knew* my daughter and I had to see it again. Then I looked at the other shows coming. Beauty and the Beast. West Side Story. Les Mis (*swoon* <--that swoon is from my daughter—Les Mis is her favorite). We had to see them all. So only one thing made sense. We needed season tickets.
So, I bought them.

We’ll also be seeing Billy Elliot and The Addams Family. I can’t even tell you how excited we are. The first show isn’t until October, though, so we have to be patient, but I have to tell you—I didn’t have a single palpitation.

Have you ever made a huge on-the-spot splurge?


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