Monday, March 14, 2011


by Kate Collins

I’ve never read the book, “The Power of Positive Thinking,” but I understand the principles. Think positive and your life will be positive. Negative thinking brings negative results. As Leann Sweeney mentioned in her blog yesterday, when you are in physical pain, or in my case, mental anguish brought on by grief, it’s incredibly easy to slip into negative thinking. And if you don’t change your mindset right away, you just get deeper and deeper into it, affecting your work product and your life.

I’ve had a real battle with that recently. Too much time alone, too much time to think back on my wonderful marriage, too many doubts about my future, worries about family members, making deadlines --- it all played into a very dark time for me this past week that resulted in being physically ill. But thanks to the loving support of my friends and family, I’m pulling out of it.

In talking about negative thinking with my best friend, she saw incidents of that in her own life. As a teacher, she has dealt with all kinds of children, but this year she has one student who is almost making her nuts. Nothing is working on him. She has gotten to the point of disliking this child, which is unusual for her. After we talked about how negativity can influence your thoughts and behavior, she is going back to school to look at this child with clear eyes.

I’ve read that when you’re around negative people, they give off such strong negativity that it will make you irritable and uncomfortable. When you’re around positive people, you feel full of energy and have a cheerful outlook. Do you know anyone who is so negative that s/he affects your mood? Are you attracted to people who are naturally cheerful and enthusiastic? It’s something to think about, isn’t it?

Wishing you positive thoughts,


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