Saturday, March 12, 2011

Born Without The Scrapbooking Gene

By Lorna Barrett / Lorraine Bartlett

Scrapbook1 I love the whole idea of scrapbooking.  I love all the elements that true scrapbookers use.  The lovely background papers, the 3-D elements.  Pictures.  Rubber stamps.  Embossing powders.  Die-cutters.

I've collected newspaper articles, pictures, and other stuff highlighting my literary career and, not only have I bought a lovely scrapbook, I've bought two books on the subject to tell me how to put everything into some kind of coherent order, and yet I've nothing to make it happen.  I've admired the scrapbooks I've seen made by other people, but I feel intimidated by the whole idea.  Added to that, I just don't seem to have the crafty gene.

And so all of it sits in a pile in my office closet, waiting for time and inspiration to hit . . . but somehow, I doubt that inspiration will ever come.

I've still got nearly all my rejection letters from scores of agents--including the one that came from what would be my 4th agent for a book she would sell for me some five years later.  Should I include that in my scrapbook as an ironic piece of my personal history?

Meanwhile, the pile gets higher every year and I get no closer to assembling all this paper into an orderly progression of my literary career.

What about you?  Do you save stuff no one else could possibly care about?
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