Monday, February 21, 2011

The Stomach Rules! Yippee?

by Kate Collins

This may sound odd, because I’m on the small side, (think chicken bones) but my day pretty much revolves around my stomach’s happiness. I have to eat breakfast right away because I wake up hungry. I have to travel with almonds or pecans in my carryon in case of a delayed flight. I cannot ever skip a meal without everyone around me suffering.

Basically, I’m a slave to my digestive system. This is unlike my daughter, my sister, or my best friend, who don’t seem to focus on food like I do. In fact, my daughter will sometimes go eight hours without eating (to my GREAT dismay, btw). She claims she gets too busy to think about food. Seriously? Is there ever a time when a person is that busy?

My sister can have coffee first thing in the morning and not eat for hours. Both of the above situations would have me snarling, crabby, and nauseated, and a Kate in those conditions is not about to produce an entertaining book. It would probably sound like I was writing in tongues.

Wherever I am, I have to plan my dining itinerary carefully. It’s hard to be spontaneous sometimes, but the consequences of not paying attention to my hunger signals are really bad.

I’ve found that it helps a lot to include a good source of protein with my meals. That helps to insure that I won’t get the hungries in between. Note the word “helps” in the above sentence.

Are you a slave to your tummy or are you one of those lucky ones who can go for long stretches with nary a growl?

Kate, hoping she’s not alone in this.
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