Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lead Me Not Into Temptation

by Deb Baker
Meet Izzy. She’s a micro potbelly pig living in Fish Creek, Wisconsin at Trendy Tails where she greets customers.
At one time, my four-person family had twelve sled dogs, two border collies, and two cats. All at one time. Since then, the kids moved out and my husband and I are reduced to taking care of each other and one aging cat. We’re enjoying our freedom. No more cold noses in the middle of the night, nudging us awake for a run outside. No more dogs in the yard howling at coyotes in the distance. We miss them. And we don’t.

My strategy for resisting is simple. I avoid puppies and kittens. And now micro potbelly pigs.

Isn’t she adorable? Izzy wags her tail like crazy when someone new comes into her pet store. She doesn’t really like the top of her head stroked, but rub under her chin and she’s your best friend for life. Izzy is very clean and uses a litter box like a cat. She is easy to train like a dog. She walks on a leash, sits for treats, and can shake hands. Here's a picture of me asking Izzy to sit.

Izzy has spent her life around dogs, so she is pretty sure she's one, too. When her buddies come into the store, they play chase. She's faster than any of them. And when she isn't playing, she's hanging with people because she's a social animal.

Yes, all I have to do is avoid temptation. This time temptation found me. But after 24 hours I came to my senses. I'm just not sure what to do about my husband.
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