Thursday, February 10, 2011

Author Goodies - Treasure or Trash?

Friends, Malice Domestic is fast approaching and many of your favorite cozy authors are wondering what to bring along to give out to readers.

I'm sure you've been to an author event in which you were given bookmarks or postcards, but a group of us would like to create a little game in which attendees of this terrific conference celebrating the traditional mystery genre can collect certain items in order to win a prize.

Last year, we played the button game and many of us had buttons made to reflect our book covers or characters. I thought they were adorable and we gave some away to our blog readers as well. Folks pinned them to their bags, hats, and shirts.

Now I'd like to ask for your opinion. What, in addition to bookmarks, would you consider worth taking home from a conference or a signing? Pens? Notepads? Buttons? Charms? Any suggestions? (And feel free to share what you would most likely throw out. Our promotion dollars are dear and we want to spend them wisely)
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