Saturday, February 19, 2011


Cozy_Chick_author_swag Last week we offered to give some Cozy Chicks author swag to five of our readers who weren't able to attend the recent LOVE IS MURDER mystery conference.

The winners are:

Carol Brown

(Please contact us at the email address given below.  Thanks.)

Wow--were we overwhelmed by all your enthusiasm, and we feel bad that not everyone can win a goodie bag filled with swag.

But wait -- we didn't want to disappoint you all so . . .

Everyone who entered the contest is eligible for a consolation prize of bookmarks.

If you haven't already received our bookmarks,
we'd like to send you a few.  Send us an email and tell us which of last Saturday's comments was yours, and give us your snail mail address. (Darn that post office, they won't let us mail stuff unless there's a valid address on the front of the envelope.)

Write to us at cozychicks @ (remember to close up those spaces) -- and please put Cozy Swag in the subject line.

We'll also add you to our Cozy Chicks newsletter list so you can get all the Cozy Chicks' updates.

We'll have more swag in May, so stay tuned.
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