Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Which One Are You?

Do thoughts of April 15, the IRS, and Taxes Due instill fear and loathing like Harried Helen on the left? Or, are you the Sally Sunshine gal on the right? Maybe you just gather all your info and dump it on your accountant's or tax preparer's desk. Too early to even think about it, you say?

Well, I used this Sunday's schedule of daytime playoff games to start that yearly process. I started sorting through all my receipts and expenses for the year and assigned them into appropriate categories. Since I was a CPA years ago, that task isn't really odious to me, simply tedious. So, I use the end of the NFL season to distract me with championship games. Often I wait until the Super Bowl to start sorting. But since I'll be traveling on Super Bowl Sunday---more on that in next Tuesday's Cozy Chicks blogpost---I decided to use the Playoffs.

None of the four teams disappointed in their efforts on the field on Sunday, but I'm sure the losers will be second-guessing themselves for weeks. That's pretty human, and we've all done it, and we don't earn anything like those NFL salaries.

But, I am second-guessing myself---or better---I'm promising myself for a SECOND time that I will finally take the time to get a spreadsheet started for this year 2011 and enter all these writing expenses for each month. That will make this yearly "gathering and evaluating" process much easier. And, yes, Heather. . .I can hear you laughing out loud, knowing I promised I'd do it in 2010. This year, I promise to TRY harder to remember to do it. :)

How about you? Have you started your taxes? Finished? Taken them to your accountant/tax preparer?
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