Monday, January 10, 2011


by Kate Collins

Have you seen the TV show entitled, “What Would You Do?” It’s a fascinating psychological study that is at times uplifting and at other times frightening. For instance, a young woman collapses on a sidewalk near where paramedics are taking their break. They’re all actors, of course. But to people passing by, it looks like they won’t help her. Sadly, many people mere walked around her while others stepped forward to help. In some cases, they chewed out the paramedics. The scenario was based on an actual event where the person actually died because she didn’t get help in time.

My son recently witnessed a real life incident where a woman in her mid-to-late thirties, obviously drunk, fell down five cement steps onto the sidewalk below. Her companions were too drunk to be of much assistance, and my son reported that most people stepped around her with looks of disgust. Only one bystander stopped to ask if she was all right or needed assistance.

I’ve always been the kind to rush in (where angels fear to tread?) It might be the Irish in me, but I’m not shy about speaking up. I can’t stand to see unjust behavior. That’s why I created a main character in my books who fights injustice. Abby Knight goes boldly where I’m not always able to tread. I’m hoping this TV show encourages people to step forward. It is often said that good karma comes back to the person tenfold. I’ll go for that!

What type of person are you? Would you stop to help a drunk woman? Would you stop to help an old man who was being harassed by teen bullies? Have you ever witnessed an event where people refused to get involved?
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