Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Thing You'd Save During A Fire

The subject of what one would save from a burning house has been recurring discussion among my friends. Several of my friends on Yahoo! Groups have either been the victims of house fires this year or have had relatives who've lost everything to a house fire.

I also saw the movie Leap Year (I didn't think it was very good) in which the heroine notes that when her fiance believes their apartment is on fire, he goes to rescue his laptop without a thought for her, versus the other guy who rushes for a claddagh ring that belonged to his grandmother. He later proposes to her using the same ring.

Assuming all the living creatures in your house were safe from harm and you could only carry one thing, what would you grab?

For me, that answer is easy: an antique music box that my parents

bought when I was very young. I used to dance to it all the time and now my daughter does the same. The little birds hit the bells and the sound is fairy-like and magical. I've posted a link to a similar box so you can listen to the sound.

What about you? What would you save?

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