Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Sad Day

by Leann

I didn't plan on writing a serious post for today, but my heart is heavy after the tragic shooting on Saturday. Nothing light or funny seems appropriate. I'm all for crime fiction, but the non-fiction variety makes me sick to my stomach. Fake guns make for a good story. Real guns make for sad endings.

We will learn much about a misguided and no doubt troubled young man in the coming week. His almost incomprehensible youtube "manifesto" was still on the internet hours after the shooting. It will be gone, probably by the time you read this. I read it, or tried to, and I can say he speaks of terrorism and that politics played a part in his senseless attack on innocent people, one of whom was a nine-year-old child.

I won't be spouting my own politics here. This is not the forum. I am only left with questions. Will we be as outraged about this as we are about airport scans? Will we examine this tragedy with a commitment to find solutions? Will our politicians quit worrying about getting re-elected long enough for this wake-up call to sink in? Or will we be quick to dismiss this incident as just another nutcase who turned violent--something that happens all the time. My thought? The fact that it "happens all the time" is pretty darn scary.

Right now, a lot of families are mourning, worrying and asking questions themselves, the biggest one being "Why?" My thoughts are with them. One thing remains without a doubt. This man who had issues with his government will not hesitate to use all its benefits for his own protection.
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